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  1. This forum has become untolerable with the "Stop complaining!" bs. I see a forum as a medium in which positions can be shared, and yes, every so often conflict. Its not complaining if someone doesnt like the name or theme change. Its their opinion. This site stopped being fun a while ago. Thanks for the memories guys, Im leaving the board for a while.
  2. I really wish Six Flags would cut it out with the DC comic themes all over the park. Not every dang coaster needs a dang comic book theme. Its things like this like that make me wish GADV was a cedar fair park. Divehawk is in everyway better than Batman Coaster 3.
  3. Its been said a million times, but the placement of this coaster is incredible. That drop coming out towards the midway has incredible curb appeal. This was the perfect addition for the park that has everything.
  4. I hope clik-fil-a gets replaced with a Popeyes. Chicken tastes so much better without a side of hate. The only thing I like to speculate about more than amusement rides is chicken. Cedar Fair hasn't worked with Popeyes in the past, but I want to dismiss rumors that Six Flags has an exclusive 2 Popeyes deal in the pipelines. #Popeyes2016 Edit: Those Cajun Fries though!
  5. I plan on going the absolute last day. Im sure that will entitle me to endless coaster marathoning in... January.. in.. Jersey? I don't quite understand, but I'm thrilled about it!
  6. I'm shocked to see that much done by this point! Must be the nice weather. I imagine that once all the footer work is done the rest of the ride should go right up. I'm hoping that they learned their lesson with zoomie and are starting construction a little earlier. Perhaps they will still open the ride on memorial day weekend but have it ready to open much sooner.
  7. Car 1. Row 3. The front car pivots downward rapidly on the bunny hills throwing riders over the rear axle upward. You will definitely get the most air time in C1R3, however it can get a bit violent on the return run. I think that the middle row of the last car is the best seat on the ride. Smooth as glass with tons of ejector air.
  8. I went for the first night of HITP and had a great time. Every single ride was a walk on. Its great to hear that the event picked up some steam and is packing people in now. If it continues to be success, I can see this event sticking around. They are turning a part of the year where they weren't making any money into a pretty big draw. That can only mean that they are making more money now and have no excuse for not building a fury-killing-giga coaster
  9. I actually caught someone's cell phone on Nitro and Great Adventure a few years back. The airtime is so floaty that it was as if someone under-hand tossed it to me. I was able to return it to the owner after the ride. When I was working Magnum we would find tons of stuff every night by the return airtime hills. There was usually a line of 4 or 5 people around closing hoping to get their stuff back. I'd say 4-5 cell phones a night at least.
  10. This is the first time I've heard about this coaster. Just when I thought flyers couldn't get any better than Starry Sky Ripper, this thing shows up. I'm hoping that when Cedar Point inevitably builds a flyer (its the only B&M they don't have), it will be something like this!
  11. I'd have to go with either Runaway Mine Train at GADV or Adventure Express at Kings Island. Runaway train is a great coaster, but I think the edge might go to Adventure Express. Its hard to pick.
  12. Jo-Jo rolls are incredible. I'm shocked that more coasters dont have them. Its too bad they forgot to put Valravn's in
  13. I wonder if after legalization takes place (Prime Minister of Canada announced he will legalize it, Supreme court of Mexico ruled that prohibition is against human rights, and 4 states and DC have legalized.. so its coming) if parks will sell infused drinks or have a 'smoking lounge'. Id imagine there is a metric-butt-ton of money to be made and they already sell alcohol. Think about how much their snack sales will go up! Six Flags will sell 4x more churros! I have no problem with someone consuming weed at the park, but I have a problem with it on a lift hill. The same way I'd have an issue if someone was drinking a beer or using a cell phone on a lift hill. Ride safety always come first.
  14. Im at the park today and we couldn't have picked a nicer night! We walked on Nitro, Skully, and Zoomie. Short lines (under 30min) for Kingda Ka, El Toro, Namtab, and Superman. Crowds seem pretty light! I noticed that the terror trail wristband is now $25 for all of the trails. To rich for my blood. No option to buy tickets individually. The trails looked great, but I did not get a chance to enter. Certainly a good end to the regular operating season
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