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  1. Cool announcement! You can't go wrong with an SR2! I'd assume they're planning some decent theming on this, too. Also, does this Gwazi situation mean that Unearthed can't happen anymore for Howl-o-Scream?
  2. Man, what a cool addition! It is indeed the world's first racing launch coaster, "coaster" being singular. It definitely looks to be a Premier-built ride, because those trains are unmistakably Sky Rocket trains with some nice dressing. I agree with the idea that both WCR and Maxx Force are designed by Ride Centerline, because the flow and elements are very similar to each other. I would say the same for Steel Curtain, and I might even guess Alan Schilke could have done them all as well! I wonder if the renders just recycle the track style or it really will have something similar
  3. While the conversion is cool and all, what's going to happen to all of the theming? That's one of the rarer rides in the chain with a large amount of atmospheric scenery!
  4. Those theories about it being an S&S coaster sounded crazy, but it's crazier that it's happening! What a cool looking coaster!
  5. Sorry for the bad image quality, but on the left side of the image it appears that the track is for Hangtime. It looks like a very light blue color. I don't have a source for the image, due to it being a screenshot of another picture that I haven't seen previously.
  6. Nice to see you on the forums! I'm guessing you've been spending this whole process laughing your butt off to discussion in this thread I'm very excited for your future projects, great job on this one, you may have one of the greatest roller coasters ever in your hands (as if you didn't already...)!
  7. I probably should have spent more time working on the phrasing of that lol. When I say they're similar I mean mainly by association, I can tell the differences. The main thing is that variety and filling gaps in the lineup is better. If they'd like to they can get a thrill ride, but perhaps something different or more unique. Not complaining about the idea
  8. What would go there....Who knows. What I'd like to see there....A Mega-Lite style coaster. They already have Cheetah Hunt, which is pretty similar so I think they'd avoid it. But going with the sister-park logic that SeaWorld does, perhaps they could even just take it down and put a new GCI there to fill the lack of a wooden coaster, maybe a more intense kind a la Gold Striker compared to InvadR. It's an interesting situation, but as long as it doesn't stand SBNO for much longer and something happens I'd be happy.
  9. While your point of a coaster renaissance is very true, the DAE RMC and Boring & Mild things are just tongue-in-cheek jokes on the r/rollercoasterjerk subreddit. We're just making fun of the over the top enthusiasts out there in a nonsensical way for fun. That includes TPR as well
  10. All of the signs pointed to this exactly! What a cool coaster! I actually envisioned a logo that was basically the same as what they released, knowing it would be called HangTime and have a surfing theme
  11. This will be a real challenger for #1 ride in the park for many guests! It blows away records, has a crazy layout, and a fabulous park to be in! I'm quite sure the Cedar Point fanboys have been appeased (for now)... As with Twisted Timbers, this new train modification they're doing is very strange to me. I feel like it may be part of an attempt to fix friction issues, or something of that nature. I don't exactly like the look of the new zero cars, but it's not anything that will detract from the experience.
  12. Uhhhh... okay? ---------------------- Great announcement as expected, can't wait to see an HD video of it! And hopefully I can visit and help bring my count up to 100 during the trip!
  13. If it wasn't such a graphic series, Doom would be absolutely fantastic for a ride like Justice League! The new soundtrack is super heavy and almost makes you feel invincible like Doom Guy himself! It also wouldn't work because of the general demographic it would be made for.
  14. When I visited SFGAdv recently, hearing people put "the" in front of coaster names was a bit annoying. What made me want to punch one lady was "the El Toro." That's not even just amusement park GP stupidity, that's just ignorance to an easy-to-translate Spanish phrase... I also would like to ask if there's a thread dedicated to the most memorable/best things you've heard/said at an amusement park. If not, I'd love to create one!
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