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  1. I was hearing a Memorial Day opening date. But I still am not sure.
  2. Actually I'm told that the official live stream will actually be here: https://www.instagram.com/westcoastcustoms/ Thank you! I’ll be watching!
  3. I’m dying to know what the announcement is!! It’ll be midnight here for me. Is anywhere live streaming it?
  4. that Would be cool. You’d have to go around twice like on twisted colossus to make that ride worth it for an rmc makeover.
  5. All this talk of the structure being looked at is making me nervous. I always thought that wood structure was supposed to have some give in it? We are supposed to be going again on Monday, and I am just hoping this coaster is open. I'd like to get a few more rides in.
  6. Buy the fast lane plus and one day admission combo. That’s a great deal.
  7. After walking around a park since 7am I couldn't think of anything better than Millennium Force ERT with the magic gate open (and you know it'll open), but to each his own. Be happy with what you've got, the Steel Vengeance crew has to sleep sometime. Lol. We are excited for MF ERT. Definitely will be fun to get some night rides on. Valravn too! Definitely no complaints with today!
  8. Just got off our fourth ride of the day on SV! Rode front and we both agreed that, for us, it is better in the back. We just feel like it’s more relentless back there! Now we are taking a break from it until around 9 when the sun goes down for a night ride or two before it closes with the majority of the park. I’m slightly hopeful they’ll surprise us and add it to the night time lineup of ERT rides! Lol. Not likely, but one can dream lol
  9. It’s been running pretty well with two trains today! I don’t feel that the trimming at the MCBR ruins the second half of the ride either. It’s been great. We’ve got three rides in today with more to come tonight! We rode middle twice and back once. Tonight will be a night ride hopefully in the front! But it has been running very nicely. I’m only aware of one breakdown today and it was short lived.
  10. Just got off SV and we are back in line has there is currently NO ONE in line right now lol.... I can confirm that they are still trimming at the MCBR.
  11. The fast lane signs are out now and Steel Vengeance is still blacked out. I’m going to go in and physically ask someone to be certain. As far as the queue for SV, we didn’t get back there until almost 8 am and it was a pretty full line. Now the early entry people are in so I’m sure it’s quite long now.
  12. Our plan as of now is to wait until close to park closing and then jump in line and wait it out. I’m just so surprised the line is so long. It goes through two sections of switchbacks... and it’s not just a couple times back and forth, as people that have seen the queue know. They are long and there are many lol. Tonight will be our first night ride and we will just deal with whatever the wait time is tonight. We are hopeful that it will be back on fast lane Plus.... not that it’s very likely... but I’d rather be optimistic lol
  13. That’s what the sign says. And when I asked to verify, they said, “Yes. Approximately.” So for now we are just wandering after riding maverick and will try to hit dragster a little bit before it opens for ERT.
  14. That’s good news. Hopefully tomorrow they’ll start two train ops again!
  15. Who’s going to coastermania here? The weather is really looking bad for Friday’s event as of now. It could change but I’m getting worried. We won’t make the drive if the weather stays the way it is right now.
  16. ^I’ve been three times this season so far and have yet to see it running.
  17. Today was a great day to be at the park. Unfortunately we only made it there for the last hour and a half, but park was absolutely dead! We walked right onto Mystic Timbers twice, Diamondback, Firehawk, Flight of Fear, Banshee, and Invertigo. I definitely don’t think I’ll be riding invertigo again lol. Last time I rode it I almost passed out and today it just was painful and made me so dizzy lol. The coaster queue website said the lines were really short and it was right!
  18. Is anyone at the park today? We are on a bit of a road trip and are passing by. Since we have platinum passes we figured we would stop by. Just curious about the wait times? I checked coaster queue but I’m not sure I fully trust it to have the most current wait times lol. Thanks!
  19. What would crowds be like on Monday the 21st? Looking at the weather, it may not be a good day to go. But we wouldn't be going to the park until later in the afternoon. Around 2 or 3 and wouldn't even probably stay until the park closed. We just happen to be making a day trip and have to pass the park on our way home. Since we have passes, just figured it would be worth trying to make it.
  20. Going tomorrow. Weather in the morning and evening calling for thunder storms. Hoping that keeps people away. Thinking we will have a pretty decent day tomorrow! I’ll post some photos throughout the day for you guys and keep you all updated on crowds and operations.
  21. expect for SV to not be operating, and to have a good time at CP regardless? that way if you can get a ride on it, it's an added bonus, but you aren't going to be disappointed if you cant. just my suggestion. Even without SV Cedar Point is a fantastic park, with lots of great coasters and flats to keep you busy. (hell, when I was there last year, SV wasn't even half built, and Mean Streak had already been shut down. . and I still had a GREAT first time ever at the park). not what you want to hear, I know, but at least that's where I would set my expectations. It is no big deal if it isn't operating. I've already been twice this season, we are pass holders and have been for the best several years, so I know what to expect. Really appreciate your reply. I just was curious about more info on the boarding passes, like what time they typically they start distributing them. If It is at open or slightly later. Also, how quickly they run out. Can you get a second one if they are still distributing them if you get an early enough ride?
  22. If anyone is at the park today, let us know the details on the boarding passes, such as what time they were distributed, and how quickly they run out, if you are able. I ask because we are going on Monday and I'd just like to have an idea of what to expect. Thanks!
  23. We are headed back to CP on Monday the 14th. If anyone goes this weekend, would you mind letting us know if they are still doing boarding passes for Steel Vengeance? Thanks!
  24. Yes. It’s got some railroad crossing signs and lights with sound in there now.
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