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  1. It finally opened a little after 7pm! Waited in a line outside the entrance for around a half hour. So glad I got to ride it! Today was a fun day. Lots of short lines.
  2. Going tomorrow. It will be in the 40s for most of the day. Hoping there will be short lines because I would hate standing in that cold for a while!
  3. I'm thinking about going to CP this weekend. Any stores or websites selling them at a discount? I'm located in Indiana. Also, at 40-low 50 degree temps, do all rides stay open?
  4. Apparently it's supposed to feel like 30 with the wind. F*** that. I'm going Sunday. I'll probably end up going by myself but I should still had fun. I went to Universal Orlando by meself( well.. kind of, my friend got sick in the first hour ) Should I get a fast pass?
  5. I hoping to go Saturday. I was originally going with my cousins but they are doing Friday, without fast passes, which I think is crazy, especially since there's a possibility for rain and snow. Wondering if it's even worth getting a fast pass for Saturday.
  6. Hi everyone! First post here! I am thinking about going this Friday with some relatives and stay from 6-midnight. How crowded will the regular rides be? Not interested in the haunted house stuff. Would Saturday be a better day to go? Also do they close any rides if it's too cold?
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