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  1. Sorry to break the discussion here, but has anyone been to Dollywood around thanksgiving time? What are crowds usually like? As I am contemplating going if Lightning Rod comes back up. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone seen the little part of the steeper lift for Mean Streak on the webcam yet? It's like 45* off a rough estimate.
  3. No, you are entitled to your opinion, I'm simply stating mine. I guess we can agree to disagree.
  4. Umm..Mean Streak has no space before the lift to do that. They can't just make a pre-lift just because, the other coasters could support it. lol @ "no space" in Cedar Point. What a joke. RMC can do whatever the hell they want with a pre-lift. It's not like RMC hasn't manufactured rides from scratch, they most certainly could incorporate something less boring than a simulated-Valravn pre-lift for the new RMC updated Meaner Streak. Saying that an RMC "can't just make" anything is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You are misinterpreting what I was trying to say. Yes, Cedar Point is not out of space. RMC can find a way to make a pre-lift, but why put resources into that when you don't need to. Most of RMC's ground up creations do not have that much of an interesting pre-lift either. Ala Goliath, Outlaw Run etc. Doesn't make them any less of a ride, does it?
  5. Umm..Mean Streak has no space before the lift to do that. They can't just make a pre-lift just because, the other coasters could support it.
  6. I really like the color of track, and now that I see the track I'm positive this will be I-box. Some may have differing opinions but we will all find out eventually!
  7. ^ doubt it, they wouldn't be carefully taking off parts. They would just demolish the crap out of it.
  8. Now that we know RMC is coming to Cedar Point, I wonder what Mean Streak's new name will be? I think it will be something new altogether ditching the Mean Streak name. What about you guys?
  9. I guess this confirms RMC is working in the park, but honestly it could be the water park they are working on, so not getting my hopes up QUITE yet.
  10. Is that for the Queue too? Or is this just one of the surprises? Looks cool either way!
  12. Actually, CP opened the 8th of May last year. This "Preview Weekend" is just a thing for publicity.
  13. You could contact parks or go to a Cedar Fair park website (I.E. Cedar Point), tell them what your looking for and they will write back eventually! I had a question about CoasterMania once and it was responded the next day. Make sure you keep checking your email.
  14. Coming all the way from Ohio to be disappointed.. Oh well that is sad. I can't come back for like another 4-5 years.. This is to be expected though.
  15. ^^ I don't think they are aiming for opening day actually.
  16. Looking great, I really like all your projects. I really liked your WiCy project!
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