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  1. I have ridden one RMC before (twisted colossus), so if this is ANYTHING close to that it will probably be my new #1 and would probably beat out maverick (like TC did)
  2. Depends on the time and the park. For example, every time I go to Canada's Wonderland, you never need a Fast Pass as most things are walk-on. But I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain over the march break, it was impossible to enjoy the park without flash pass. There were 6+ rides that were over a 2 hour wait and it was sunny and hot outside. In that case, we had to spend 115 USD on the Platinum Flash Pass each (2 people) plus 15$ each for X2, easily bringing it to over 200 USD including the tickets, but it was 100% worth it. We were only there one day and we live across the country so in that case yes, the upcharge pass was not only worth it, but necessary.
  3. Yes, CW would definitely not retrack some of the ride if they are RMCing it next year. But on the other hand, they really only retracked a bit of the ride. I don't know normally how long it takes to do a whole retrack, but I wonder why they only chose to retrack a bit of the ride.
  4. Same when I went today. Wow that ride has terrible restraints and terrible loading procedures. With a busy day that ride will have huge lines. The restraints are very tight, and putting on the seatbelt is actually a pretty big challenge (you have to stretch your arm to reach that low). That being said, the ride is great, its a nice twist on shockwave, but the cycle is kinda short.
  5. I can't wait to see it in person in 2 weekends! The only RMC I have seen with my eyes is Twisted Colossus, and this thing is pretty much twice as high with much better elements.
  6. I'd say there's a difference between a mid year ride closure and opening weekend ride closure. If its mid year, its most likely a mechanical issue. That's unavoidable and understandable. This was not the case. This seemed to be them being ill prepared for the weekend. There isn't a good excuse to not have rides state certified yet. I do not work at Cedar Point so I have no idea why these rides were down this early, but I don't think the weather was bad enough to not have planned for this in advance. I am an enthusiast, so I know not to visit on opening weekends if its not my home park, but for the general public who some drive from a far distance, it would suck for rides to be closed. I know how it feels, especially because it takes me 6 hours to drive to Cedar Point and for the entire 3 days I was there Maverick, (my favorite ride at the time) was closed. I was pretty annoyed, but I knew it wasn't Cedar Point's fault. If it was some crap about not getting certified because they didn't test it early enough, I would be more annoyed, but then again I am thankful for the privilege to be able to get to Cedar Point once a year, and that I would look forward to my next visit even further.
  7. Nevermind, I was under the impression that it was seasons pass preview night, not official opening day. So yea, I mean I would never schedule a trip for opening day with a family and plan to drive down, but cedar point has 0 excuse to have rides open for a reason such as that.
  8. A preview weekend is far different than a real opening day. Preview weekends are often people who live close by, and they require a Season's Pass (or platinum). They aren't the average guest, and when ever I go to the season pass preview nights at my home park, many rides are often closed, which sucks, but is at the benefit of me being able to experience the park early.
  9. Don't worry. Millennium Force still exists. and GateKeeper! I swear I can hear the Maverick fanboys screaming from miles away. Except, they're all in Frontierland, because that's where Maverick is. Can confirm. Sleeping under the launch shed right now.
  10. Well now there is no reason to leave frontierland with the looks of that thing.
  11. Did anyone go on opening day? Leviathan was down, the new ride had still some construction going on, and it was freezing. But it was empty so it was fine. Most of the rides were running insanely slow, behemoth felt like it was going to rollback on the helix... Backlot stunt coaster either roll-backed or the brakes kicked in on the launch, because it was stuck at the end of the launch. I was the only rider on minebuster in the front row, and it broke... I think something is wrong with the chain and brakes on that ride.
  12. As I said above, I once waited 3 hours for X2. I don't plan on ever doing that again. If I know a line is more than an hour, I usually don't wait. Was X2 worth that long of a wait? If we were not as privileged to have been able to purchase a flash pass and the X2 add-on, coming all the way from Canada to SFMM, I would wait UP to 4 hours for X2, and probably 3 for Twisted Colossus. We had only one day there and the line was usually above 2 hours the entire time, but that ride was so unique that if you are unable to travel to the park another time soon, its definitely worth it.
  13. I will be there for Season Pass Sneak Preview Night. If you would like to meet up, you can join me for an evening of fun at the park! I would come but the GO Bus service doesn't start until opening day, and last time was a nightmare. It took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there on the york region transit, but on the way back that bus wasn't running so we took almost 2 hours of local busses. And this year they have the bring a friend day on preview night so it would probably be pretty busy too...
  14. Agreed completely. My friend likes Leviathan just due to smoothness but I prefer layout, location, views, and train type much more than smoothness (I never notice it anyways). But I think both Leviathan and MF would be far below the other 2 gigas
  15. Yeah Carowinds is my home park and I've been on Fury quite a bit (love it) so I want to hit up other coaster styles that I don't get to as much first. I'll definitely still ride MF of course (as many times as I can), but Maverick, TTD and others like that are tops on my list. How does MF compare to Fury and other Gigas? Similar speed-demon style or different? I have just been on Leviathan and MF, and both don't have the BEST layouts ever (not fair comparing MF cause it camee out 17 years ago) but the reason MF is rated so highly is due to the whole experience and where its located. Your going up this super fast, skinny lift hill with a VERY open cabin and you look to your left, its a 300 foot drop with beautiful lake erie and you can see forever. The layout is not the best, and the airtime is pretty lacking, but you stay really close to the ground going through tunnels, around other rides, and through other sections of the park. I rank MF higher than Leviathan in pretty much every aspects (other than the smoothness which is something I don't really care about), but I'm sure i305 will probably rank higher for me when I ride it, and probably fury325 too (if its intense as people say it is). One thing that kinda ruined the whole "BEST COASTER IN THE WORLD" is that I am quite young (17 years old), so obviously I wouldn't be around for the big opening. Imagine being stuck with <100 foot arrow loopers and carnival rides and suddenly this literal Island of roller coasters has this 200+ foot and 300+ foot coaster, with no over head restraints. Of course its still an awesome ride but the fact that I rode leviathan beforehand made the whole giga thing less exciting then it would have been. But if I were to go to CP, and I was allowed to ride ONCE ride, it would probably be MF due to the whole experience.
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