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  1. I agree with the WCR idea... it fits better into the line up. We don’t need another extreme launched ride, we need something more we’ll rounded for a family aspect of rides. Although us enthusiasts would love another intense launch, an opportunity to put a launched ride in the intensity line up between Bizzaro and day Superman is more in line with that is needed at the park.
  2. Headed to the park next Sunday. Anyone know of good apple picking/corn maze headed east from the park? We’re planning on having a late afternoon/evening in Jim Thorpe, PA Sunday night.
  3. Agreed. This thing hauls the whole ride and on my last visit didn’t even catch on the MCBR. crushed my soul and I loved every minute of it! Look, at ANY another park, we would argue as we always do that B&Ms would be the biggest and baddest in the park. And CP is probably the best roller coaster packed park in the world. But they are a business, and a business that’s looking to get people through their turnstiles. They have a fantastic line up from the kid coasters to TTD. it’s legit prob on of the best if not THE best line up at any park!
  4. If it’s the actual announcement, I would expect nothing more than kings islands announcement. I think it will be tony’s Normal “to do list” which for years included “call RMC”
  5. This. Eventually I could see them either building another coaster between Ka and El Toro, or a line of flats that build up a possible expansion behind the tower...
  6. I’m sure it has something to do with them not wanting their brand new attraction to be down a single day in its first year if they don’t HAVE to. Everyone is happy to wait for the new ride, they have no concern with a difference between 60 and 90 minutes. “We’re not leaving till we ride the new one in the back.”
  7. I always laugh looking at all the switch backs for steel force. It’s hilarious to think of how much money is wasted in building them for never being used!
  8. I’d be stunned if they posted a teaser video know they wouldn’t get anything... seems to me like a poor move on a park who knows they are laughed about for never getting anything. Adding fuel to that fire on their own is just... sad...
  9. ... don’t go in the shed... They would not do that, waste of modern technology dubbing a 70s coaster in steel. This is Kings Island, they will do better than that.
  10. Over the past two days in the park I have seen issues from it being stuck mid way up the lift, top and bottom of the lift as well as a restraint issue in the loading station... not sure what the “exact problem is” becuase it seems to be a plethora of problems.
  11. This is fantastic. Daughter can definitely be more terrifying compared to sons...
  12. Great days at the park yesterday and today! All rides were open with minimal waits. I did over hear that the Red housing units by Valravn are being shut down very soon. Could this be a future spot for expansion? Polercoaster maybe?! Would be a perfect fit as the park does not have an observation tower and would open the worlds first 500ft! Just a thought!
  13. Just don’t end with Dorney. That will be the biggest let down of a roller coaster trip... I’m currently sitting at the resort gate at cedar point realizing I’m taking someone who has never been to waldemeer and Darien lake after we leave here. Should be fun to listen to the “this place sucks” mentality! Enjoy all three parks!
  14. Def not stuck today. I’m here now on line for the Jack a rabbit! Park seems quite busy and everything is open, except SkyRocket. Black Widow is nuts. We need more of these in the world!
  15. I was attempting to direct the convo back to the park, not the tolls... it’s been up and down from what I’ve seen.
  16. ... so millennium force is back open... that’s exciting... Any suggestions on a lunch place going from KI to CP? We’re planning on leaving the hotel next to KI for CP in the morning and prob grab lunch before we spend the rest of the day (and the following day) at the point!
  17. You cute... KI is the day before lol! Not driving from Long Island, NY to Ohio without hitting both parks! DP, Kennywood, KI, CP, Waldemeer, Canada’s Wonderland, Darien Lake is the trip
  18. Uhhggg I’ll be there Tuesday and Wednesday next week for the first time in three years. Praying MF is back open!
  19. ^. This is the solution in my mind as well. Thunderbolt at Coney Island does this as well, you give over your cell or what ever is in your pockets and get a plastic srunchy with your cubby number as you walk into the station, as soon as you walk out they hand it back to you. Painless, simple and FREE (other than the $10 your already paying to ride lol) Sometimes I wish we could just go back to the old shelves with sliding doors for each train on the exit side of the station...
  20. If we are going with a forest theme, I think these colors are perfect! Plus, the ride will be SUPER photogenic during autumn!
  21. Does anyone know if funpix is transferable to other parks in the same season? I can’t seem to get an answer from DP, CP, KI or CW, which are all part of a road trip this summer!
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