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  1. Steel Vengeance wins... I would like "Vengeance" alone better, but alas... 72 MPH, 90 degree drop, 4 inversions...
  2. For anyone that hasn't tuned in yet, they're live on the Cedar Point Facebook:
  3. Only 6 more hours until we get to hear the details of that sweet, sweet, long-awaited Intamin AquaTrax we've all been waiting for.
  4. Looks like we're finally getting the bowl to fill that "phantom" spot where the third tube was supposed to go on the south most set of slides. I dig it. Definitely is nice to have another slide added after basically staying static in the slides department since Water World opened. Only thing I am curious about with these additions is where the balloon ride will go. I'm guessing it will go in the vacant area that the old Kiddle splash pool used to be (behind where the Happy Swing is now). As of now, that is just a vacant grass patch. Definitely solid additions, and keeping with somethin
  5. "WARNING! He stands tall in the face of adversity, will beat the odds in any match. He can take on a full house and end up Aces high!"
  6. Great photos of the ride. I'm really pumped to see the how the final leg of the course stretches out. I've always been a fan of the "magic carpet" endings to a few of the older woodies (specifically the old and new end stretches of Texas Giant). Hoping that New Mean Streak has something similar with a few surprises. I'm also excited to see the "new trains" that RMC has been talking about for all of the 2018 rides. I've never been on an RMC, but I have never been a fan of the aesthetics of the RMC trains. Other than the Iron Rattler's open-air style seats, I feel like most of the trains hav
  7. ^ I agree, the look of the Frontier lift looked amazing. It would be drastically different now (primarily less trees), and would have to be a close call to MF's down side of it's second hill. It would definitely be cool to see if they could ever introduce another lift like the old in the future.
  8. Just because Google Maps gives you one set of directions (actually many for the most part) it doesn't account for a lot of factors. I see no problem or "weirdness" for asking people which route is the best to go. I know for a fact that in the past, the given directions from my location to Cedar Point is not the most efficient. While it says it's the fastest route, it definitely is not, by almost 20-30 minutes for the most part. I tend to always go Rt 2 / Rye Beach Rd. / Rt 6. Nearly always the fastest route coming in from the East.
  9. Basically they are including theming into the new water structure. They posted the rendering on their Facebook which looks pretty good. Also, they posted a photo on Instagram a few days back of a Steel Dragon chassis in the body shop going through some offseason maintenance. Interesting to see the photo on the board in the background: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQgSUxPAXqZ.
  10. I think aging yourself only comes into play if you remember the "original" animated skyline (the pixelated animated GIF) that was in the header of the website, circa late-2001. The second generation of the animated skyline was definitely a lot more fun, allowing you to toggle which rides to animate/operate. Wish I could find a version of that that still worked. As for the new website, I like that they finally are cross-device with it. Hated the mobile website previously. Not a huge fan of the design and new logo as it looks a little cookie-cutter to me, but definitely an upgrade in most ar
  11. For those who are saying that the space for RipCord could have been better utilized... Always remember, it can be removed as easily as it was added. With Mean Stream getting RMC'ed for 2018, the next open "coaster slot" (hypothetically) would be 2020. If they wanted to use the STR plot, they easily could. My thought is that they not only allowed the Soak City/Shores expansion with this move but also took up some empty/dead space by relocating RipCord there. And even better than that, RipCord produces some extra capital and likely more so in the new location than the previous spot outsi
  12. Calling it now. Painting it yellow, red and blue, and getting stand-up trains. Mean Mantis, coming 2017.
  13. ^ Not quite sure what you mean by "suboptimal" in terms of parking (with two lots, and the Peninsula Drive lot being massive now), but I would also agree about swapping them. If you're looking to get everything in at Waldameer, or at least getting most of the stuff in, hit Waldameer first. Saturdays can be packed, so your best bet is to hit the rides early at Waldameer.
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