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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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Here's a few of the pics we tweeted from the announcement. Hope to have better images soon...



Lightning Rod @Dollywood in 2016 - World’s first launched wooden roller coaster.



Lightning Rod @Dollywood will hit a top speed of 73MPH - World’s fastest wooden roller coaster



Lightning Rod @Dollywood doesn't go upside down, but features 12 airtime moments!



Lightning Rod @Dollywood will feature 90+ degree overbanked turns & a non-inverting half loop!

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Everything about this ride looks amazing. That quadruple down looks to be very balanced and intense. Also, with a 45 mph launch up the hill, this thing is going to haul major tush. Looks like Herschend, Dollywood, and RMC have another winner on their hands.


Very glad to see Topper Track too. First launching wooden coaster is quite an accomplishment.

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Did I spy a triple down in that video? This ride looks absolutely insane! Planning my trip now.

ever better a quad down


I can accept being wrong for more airtime. I'm still in disbelief. A launched terrain wooden coaster with 12 airtime moments. RMC is really changing the game.

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I called it!!! An inclined launch and world's fastest wooden coaster! Looks like it could be the greatest wood coaster ever!


Some observations:


1. A GIGANTIC wave turn. Epic!

2. 12 airtime moments. Awesome!

3. NO inversions on this one. Interesting, but not a big deal in my opinion.

4. A quadruple down!!! Looks like Voyage just got a run for it's money haha.

5. They decided on Lightning Rod instead of Shot Rod. Gotta admit, the name is growing on me.


This seriously looks like it'll be the best RMC yet, and it's in my great home state of Tennessee!!!

I'll be getting a season pass next year for sure!


EDIT: It took me 10 years to finally reach 1000 posts! Haha.

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