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  1. I'm just messing around, honestly I did just basically use the good old Soh Cah Toa to figure this out. No hurt feelings.
  2. Who you calling an engineer? I'm only two years into my 57 year program here at UW-Madison. But on a serious note, this project is just fun to speculate on. I mean its CP. Anything is in their reach, and they love messing with people like us. For all we know, they could have just bought those 6 pieces of I-Box, cut down half the lift, and demolish the entire coaster next week just to mess with us.
  3. So we are most likely looking at just over 200ft after everything is settled and done?
  4. Upon quick research and a triangle calculator, I could not find the lift hill angle for Mean Streak. I guessed it was somewhere around 30 degrees. With the original height of 161 feet, that gives a 322 foot length from the peak to the bottom of the lift. With a 45 degree lift, that could bring the potential height to 322 feet. Good luck with that, but yeah, potential?
  5. ^That is extremely steep. If I wasn't already doing my calculus homework, I would do the math to estimate the height based on the ~45 degree lift and the old length of the lift. Someone else want to take care of it?
  6. ^I think that all depends on what type of RMC it is. I feel like we have come to terms with the fact that the I-Box is not a wooden coaster as the entire track section is made of steel. If it is a topper track, where most of the base of the track section is wood, then it will be a wooden coaster and you will not hear as many people saying that Blue Streak is the only wood coaster in the park.
  7. I think it makes sense that Mean Streak will get the RMC treatment. Think about it. Cedar Point is Cedar Fair's coaster park. It makes sense that the first RMC in the Cedar Fair chain is going to that park. This year is obviously the first year that CF has the ability to make an RMC conversion, so why not apply it to your flagship park? I know they just got another coaster this year and other parks need it more, but I can understand the logic behind the decision if it does actually happen.
  8. ^This. The park feels so much busier all the time. There aren't more people coming in, it is the operations. And I feel like it is only getting worse. And that scares me. This being my home park, but 2.5 hours away makes it difficult. I want to go as much as I can, but I can't make ab150 minute trip to wait in lines all day.
  9. I've always been a huge fan of Viper at SFGAm. An in-house woodie that has some great airtime moments and great laterals. And it is still pretty darn smooth.
  10. Open air Drop towers. Basically anything excluding Tower of Terror I will not get on. I just don't like them.
  11. Yeah, that deffinetly looks tall. It will stand out in the skyline alot more then what people are thinking. It will only be 75 ish feet shorter then MF.
  12. All I can say is wow. This looks balls to the wall amazing.
  13. This is going to be one great year for coasters. The verity coming out should be pretty interesting. I really hope I get to at least a couple, with Valravn, Lightning Rod, and Mako already penciled on the list.
  14. ^I love that someone is doing math on this. Keep it up. It is interesting that they will be taking a hill at that speed. I can't wait for the ejector air from that.
  15. What is the best weekend after May 15th ish to visit? I would like to make a trip down, and only spend one day doing as much as I can during my summer break.
  16. I am glad that they are switching up the brake runs a bit, so you do not just slow down on a boring straight section. They have thought of everything with this coaster.
  17. This whole thing is a pretty intriguing story. I can not see anything but B and M redoing this, and hope that B and M does the track. The signature Roar of Hulk is one of the best greetings to any theme park, ever.
  18. Imagine if they just made the top of the loop valley a bit. It could have been a heart shaped giant non inverting loop.
  19. I can hear people now, "Just get a crane out, and push it through the rest of the run!"
  20. This looks awesome. The hill is much larger then I imagined, just compared to the track width.
  21. ^Awesome pictures. Interesting to see they have a track section on display.
  22. Same layout, same style trains (sit down still, even if they go floorless), I would say a no for this one.
  23. The friction coefficient is what will determine the height difference. The kinetic energy that is created between the two hills will keep the train going. In theory, because the train is traveling such a short distance, both vertically and horizontally, between the two hills (much smaller then between two full sized hills), the kinetic energy transferred into heat energy (friction) is much less. This will allow the height differential between the two hills to be much less, creating the most potential energy to be transferred back into kinetic energy to give the train it's full speed. Also, I am sure the RMC engineers and Alan Schilke have done all the math hundreds of times to prevent something stupid like a valley on the first drop...
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