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  1. They do! I don't remember the exact cost but there is a set at the top of the hill between Monster Mansion and the ice cream place. I used it a few weeks ago. I will defer to others for cost, size, etc.
  2. It is college fan night! They are trying to take advantage of the crowds in town for the football games at Mercedes Benz Stadium.
  3. Maybe. I mostly meant because they were teasing things other than possible RMC. Maybe a small flat in Gotham.
  4. I know this is VERY far fetched but is it possible SFOG could be opening TWO attractions next year? It isn't unprecedented. Granted it has been a LONG TIME but Deja Vu and Acrophobia both opened the same year in 2002.
  5. All of the information being released in this has been a giant cluster.
  6. Coming straight from Ober Gatlinburg itself tells me more than anyone else says. They would know better than anyone else.
  7. At least on the new one, you won't feel like you are riding in a cage.
  8. It is probably just like SDC's Grand Exposition Coaster. https://youtu.be/fcAowIfrd4k
  9. I have a friend that just returned within the last couple of weeks. He said it was down most of the day when he was there. When it opened back up and was able to ride, he took a seat as a single rider. One of the ride ops sat down next to him. He asked why she was riding and she indicated they have to ride every couple of hours to make sure everything "feels right." She also told him the seat belt on the row in front of them wouldn't fasten and they have been having issues with it all day. This sounds odd to me as I don't understand how a row of seat belts not working in one train would cause massive shut downs unless it is an issue they have had with all of the seats at one time or another. This may be totally unrelated but thought I would share.
  10. I doubt it. It serves a different purpose being in another area of the park. DW does an awesome job strategically placing things for the kids to do near the big rides.
  11. http://www.zamperla.com/products/family-gravity-coaster/
  12. Pete Owens confirmed it is a Zamperla Gravity Coaster.
  13. I asked Pete Owens if he could confirm what kind of coaster it will be. I will let you know what he shares.
  14. This may be the best thing you have ever posted...and you have posted some awesome things, Robb.
  15. I'll just leave this here in case it got lost in the other talk. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. I will be visiting Carowinds for the first time with my 8-year-old daughter August 14 and maybe 15. She is 51 inches tall so we won't be riding the huge coasters. She is extremely interested in all of the coasters she is big enough for and the water park. My question is. Can we cover it all on a Sunday if we are there from park open to close or should we split it up and carry it over to the following Monday? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  17. Something off topic from Lightning Rod. I will be at the park next weekend. Which day should I do to Splash Country and which day should I go to Dollywood? Sunday, May 22, and Monday, May 23, are the choices. Not used to dealing with potential school trips so wanted some insight. Thanks, everyone.
  18. Just looking at it I am trying to figure out what will remain and what is replacing what. Is the Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster becoming the Joker coaster?
  19. Dolly is what makes Dollywood, well, Dollywood. Everything they do is going to relate back to her musical roots when they announce something like this. This is one thing that makes this park so awesome.
  20. I have never been to Japan so pardon if this is a stupid question. Is most signage in Japan in both English and Japanese? Is there a large enough population/tourist economy for them to put it in English, too? I find all of this fascinating. Thanks again for sharing, Robb.
  21. I read each one of them. It helps me catch some things I may have missed during the week.
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