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  1. as of right now there only selling frightlane in a combo with fastlane
  2. 2 nights of scary farm or 1 with fast lane? I have most of the credits already and would be focusing on the scary farm stuff Edit it would be on October 14th and or 15th since ive got a cruise leaving out of the area on the 16th
  3. I had no idea you guys took a pic on that Cosmotron run Glad to hear I wasnt the only one who rode Phoenix in the rain that was a freaking blast and yes its well past time to go back
  4. SV has its own ice cream flavor that sounds delicious http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201804280007
  5. out of 95 coasters countable on the site heres my top 11 also after about the top 25 it was hard to rank the rest
  6. So how close to the station is the Fast Lane merge point for TT?
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