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  1. lol I;m that guy and I can def agree with you lol lol I royaly messed up that part lol I'm assuming it's in reference to Valleyfair more then worlds of fun but both are likely.
  2. You are only muddying the situation further. Please stop trying to justify what you wrote previously. In the future, if you post a video, state upfront if it is yours or not. What are you talking about.. It is my video! You make ABSOLUTELY no sense!
  3. When you referred to the "teaser" I was assuming you were talking about the poster... My videos are not teasers thus I had no idea you were referring to my videos. My videos aren't in collaboration with Wonderland at all thus they're not teasers. None of my videos are from the park if that helps clarify
  4. Did the park release a teaser or is this one of your videos where you're doing the teasing? This is the teaser for the park not mine.
  5. You know there's totally a CedarFair1 shrine, too. Link is broken, dood.
  6. Unique teasing campaign has started with pretty much confirmation from the park on Twitter! https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=QRx7A7QxYE4
  7. Wow, going from 10 mazes to 7 mazes is a big reduction in size, what do you guys think?
  8. Massive Shipments arrived today!!! Also I only post an update in here if I feel it's worthy to be posted in here, I don't want to over load this with updates that aren't full of juicy details
  9. Ariel shots of the construction site and police activity at the park today.
  10. These predictions have gone from “def first giga dive!!!1!!!” now to just barely taller than Valravn. I’m going to laugh when it’s announced and it’s only 200 feet. We have never said it's going to be a GIGA dive. merely entertained the idea with stuff we've seen. We also correct ourselves often too Thanks for the feedback on the length. Will def fix that
  11. We were able to get a really good height prediction for this coaster as the elevator track pieces arrived and were alligned with parking spaces that we could measure. The height range for those that don't want to watch the video is about 240-255 feet.
  12. Clearmont Steel Fabrications track for lift hill and turn out of station and other Hyper Coaster.
  13. As per request, pictures added for those that just want a quick look as well and don't like my videos which is totally fair Magnetic Brake and Clamp clamp brakes arrived lol don't @ me with the correct name I know
  14. That was a good video man. Straight to the point and not much "downtime" throughout the video. One thing you may not notice is you say "umm" a lot. Sometimes when talking you actually have to listen to yourself at the same time and be aware of what you're saying. But yes, much better and I didn't realize the video was over as it didn't feel like I was watching the clock but just gathering all the information. Thank you, it's funny cause YouTube has made me realize how much I say um. I use um in such a weird way too lol. Yeah I'm working on shortening content to make it a quick fix for people. I really appreciate your advice!
  15. IDK what you're looking at but the blueprints video is still on here and the park reached out to me and is allowed to stay up
  16. If that is even true, copyrighted material is allowed on YouTube and to be used if you're reacting to it and reviewing it. It states it right in the fairuse terms.
  17. I appreciate everyone's feedback but I work really hard to even cover this content
  18. Blueprints found of this very unique dive coaster. It's footprint is insane.
  19. Weekly Construction Update with up high view! Height Range figured out and it's insane!
  20. Art of Engineering used CAD for us to figure out some specs of the coaster in this update. Tunnel has electrical going in, track is arriving early next week and is ready for install on the brake run and station/ trasnfer track.
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