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  1. Random Breakers question, do the beds have fitted sheets? I HATE when hotels use a folded flat sheet over the mattress. It's what Breakers Express did 3 years ago, and every morning I woke up partially on a bare mattress...gross. I'm staying at Breakers in a week and Im not above packing a fitted sheet.
  2. Since we are on the topic of the time traveling toaster coaster Millennium Force...how are the lines for MF during early entry? I assume everyone runs to Steel Vengeance in the morning leaving Millennium Force open for 6+ re-rides? It might be my early entry plan when I go to CP in August.
  3. Lightning rod's seat belts have the force rating listed as 3 or 4 kilonewtons (I think) which is anywhere between 675-900 lbs of force. My backseat engineering degree says that if the lap bar failed the seat belt would keep a 300 lb mass in at -2.2 g. Without the full restraint though that would be a scary ride.
  4. I'll submit the following onion piece without comment https://local.theonion.com/53-inch-child-thrown-from-roller-coaster-regrets-nothin-1826016389 Looks like Leviathan made the onion
  5. I was at the park this Saturday to get a few rides on Twisted Timbers and wow was I impressed. The park was pretty crowded so I splurged on FL+ cause I had limited time. I'll share some notes below as well as my rambling review. I didn't take any pictures because the camera on my phone SUCKS. Some notes: -TT was having some issues with the lift Saturday is seems. It slows down to a crawl at the very top and a little after 12p the blue train got stuck towards the top. I don't know if riders were on the train, but the Blue train was stuck until ~3:30p. -On my last ride of the day I was in the green train and when it got towards the top the lift slowed and then CLUNK. The green train stopped at the top. Operators quickly got on the mic and said "WE ARE AWARE OF YOUR POSITION REMAIN CALM." After about 10 mins maintenance arrived and restarted the lift. -There is a LOT of restraint checking going on. I saw dispatch times as low as 80 seconds, and as high as 4 minutes. On some rides my restraint was checked 4 times. -TT is still in its first month of operation, so I am hoping they get all the issues ironed out soon. Hopefully what KD has learned gets transferred to SV so it has a smoother opening. Review: Overall I was able to get 7 rides on TT from 11am-5:30p with FL+, and this includes the long 3 hour breakdown with the blue train. This ride is amazing. Twisted Timbers knows how to provide my favorite thing in abundance...AIRTIME. The three large airtime hills provide great sustained ejector that feel almost as good as El Toro. The hills following the cut back stall are super fun and provide great pops of ejector and they lead into the best airtime moments on the ride. The hill right before the outward banked airtime hill gives really strong ejector and head choppers! Then you immediately get thrown into a super funky outward banked hill that serves great laterals and even more ejector. It reminded me of the outward banked top hat on lightning rod, but smaller, less banked, and more aggressive. The rest of the course has even more airtime, a fun barrel roll, the drunken double turn, and somehow more airtime. From start to finish the ride is just so fun. I was able to ride 5 times in the back seat, once in the front, and once in row 2. I think I prefer the front car over the back because all of the air time moments feel more sustained. The back row gives more of a whip effect on the airtime hills which is also great. I don't put too much stock into ranking coasters but Twisted Timbers easily makes it in my top tier of coasters among Skyrush, El Toro, i305, and Lightning Rod. In the LR vs TT fight I think Twisted Timbers just beats out Lightning Rod. LR has the best element between the coasters with the quad down, but TT serves up so much sustained airtime that I think it gets the edge. And in the TT vs i305 category.... who cares! Kings Dominion now has two coasters in my top 5! One is an intensity monster, and the other is an airtime machine so I cannot wait to get back.
  6. Is this the first time Kings Dominion is getting regular morning ERT for pass holders? This is really exciting, should give plenty of time to get a bunch of rides in. Has there been any news where the Fastlane merge point is going to be on TT?
  7. Sorry I had to. This conversation has been very informative for planning my KI trip this summer.
  8. As far as I know the Cedar Fair Platinum pass is the Platinum Pass. It gets you parking at every park, and early entry at every park if they offer it. When I had one in 2015 it was activated at Carowinds, but I was able to get early entry at Cedar Point. This year I activated my 2018 Platinum Pass at Carowinds just cause that's where I was going to be when the sale was going on. I 100% plan on using it for early entry at Cedar Point. Hope that clears things up
  9. There is some drone footage I found of Twisted Timbers testing. I am hesitant to post it though because I'm not sure it violates any forum rules. According to the poster he has an agreement worked out with the park management that he can record as long as it's not flown over the park. I tried searching the forums for some feedback on drone footage but couldn't find a ruling. Anyone know the policy on drone footage? From the looks of the video it's going through the course at a pretty good clip and should give some amazing air time.
  10. FYI Fastlane Prices have been posted today. FL+ ranges from $85 - $155. https://www.cedarpoint.com/tickets-passes/fast-lane
  11. The correct way to address the Racer 75 rename controversy is to tear it down like Thunder Road and expand the water park. /s
  12. Apple Zapple sounds like a bug zapper that sprays apple scented pheromones to attract and kill bugs. I hope it is themed as such. I'm glad the whole area surrounding these three coasters is getting some love. The pavers will look way better than the asphalt.
  13. The trains look great! It's cool to finally see the new restraint design. Looks like the old U shaped bar has been changed to a V. Other than that the seats look pretty similar to LR which were acceptably comfortable. Hopefully the new restraint design makes pulling down/pushing up easier. I can't believe this thing opens in two months! Soon we will be getting some testing going on
  14. I'm glad that Maverick finally has a buddy in the back of the park for early entry. Maverick was always a bit of a gamble during early entry. It's the most likely to not open at 9 am. It really sucks when you run all the way to the back of the park and find it not working. Then you have to walk all the way back to MF. Hopefully SteVe is decently reliable. During my visit in 2016 on a cold May morning, Valravn, MF, and Maverick all had issues. Before the park opened I didn't see MF or Valravn cycling, so I knew it was a good day for Gatekeeper. Everyone flocked to Valravn and waited 30 mins for it to open, meanwhile I got 5 rides on Gatekeeper in 30 mins, all in the front or back seat. It's a really good way to start the morning and will be a tempting alternative to running to a likely crowded SteVe.
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