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  1. I'm not sure how this new system is going to work without selling out all the time. Of course, most everyone is going to pay $15 to $20 to skip the lines. I honestly think Disney should have charged more. I have to disagree with the comparison to the Universal parks...They have the best system imo. My wife and I have seasonal passes which we really only paid for what a 2 day ticket would have cost...And it gives us admission nearly all year long...Plus a %30 discount on Universal hotels. We just stayed at their Royal Pacific this past weekend which also gave us express lane. With the discount, our room was only $214 a night. A hotel, Admission and Express Lane all for $214 a day...Not even Six Flags can match that. I love Disney the best...But in the end, Universal has the best system if you utilize it the right way.
  2. Looking at the drawing, that roller coaster layout looks just like Big Dipper. There are only 4 other kiddie rides outside the Camp Snoopy area not including Zach's Zoomer and Big Dipper....Speed Splashers, Mini Enterprise, Motorcylces and Kiddie Cars. Those 4 rides may be removed either next year or in the future. It's pretty cramped over there in that corner of the park and Big Dipper is kinda hidden away in there. So to me, it looks like no new coaster for MIA...But this is still a great addition and hopefully makes that area of the park look nicer and better put together.
  3. Not sure if BGW shut down the fb feed on purpose or not but thank you twitter. The new addition looks amazing and I can't wait for Seaworld parks in 2020...It's going to be an incredible year.
  4. If your options are Waldameer or Darien Lake, pick Waldameer and don't look back. Waldameer is a charming park and Ravine Flyer II is better than anything at Darien Lake. Plus you have a great flume, a terrifying drop tower, and two classic dark rides. I would say the major coasters could be done in 3 hours though at Darien Lake if you get there at opening. Yeah, both are on the way home from Niagara Falls. I was gonna pick Darien Lake since I have a Six Flags Membership...But that's not too important to me. Ravine Flyer is a bucketlist coaster for me...I can't say Darien Lake has a bucket list coaster I can think of. Waldameer it is.
  5. Okay after reading over this thread, I see that the Fly, Time Warp and Wonder Mountain's Guardian all have terrible operations. So what order would you ride these three rides at park opening to get the creds as fast as possible? Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I really want to do Kennywood...But I may just have to plan it some other time when I can give it a full day. It deserves that kinda respect...I just really wanted a mission impossible scenario I guess. lol
  7. Yeah, I meant Darien Lake. I'll just do Waldameer instead I guess. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Just curious...How are the operations at this park on a Sunday. I have about 3 hours at park opening next Sunday to try and ride every coaster. Possible? If not, I may just go to Waldameer instead.
  9. Just curious...I have about 4 hours I can spend at kennywood next Wednesday. 8 coasters in the first 4 hours the park is open on a Wednesday...Do you think it's possible without VIP Coaster Tours? Also, I see they're having some kind of youth event next week too. I'm thinking impossible.
  10. I'm going to be at CW in two weeks and was just wondering about Yukon Striker. Has the Valravn incident caused Yukon Striker to run one train operations, or is it still full capacity? Also, we'll be there on a Thursday, so I'm hopeful all coasters are open. Are the crowds usually low on a Thursday or do Canadians flock to Wonderland on that day? Just curious if I need to plan on fast lane or not. Of course, I'll see for myself when I get there, and I know no one can see the future, but just curious if anyone has ever visited CW on a Thursday in July before...Appreciate any insight. Any attractions that carry long waits I should ride first or are there any that typically open late after park opening...I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  11. I've rode many Disk 'O rides before...They're pretty fun so I make it a point to ride one at every park I go to. And the only one I've ever been told to put my hands down and hold the handle bars is at Dollywood. Of course, I obeyed and did as the park requested, because always follow park rules. But I was just wondering if anyone has ever been told that at another park on a Disk 'O before or is it just a Dollywood thing? I've just never heard it before and the ride operator there at Dollywood was kind of passionate about it too...Constantly screaming at everyone while the ride is in motion, "Put your hands down!" And even after the ride, the line operator would scold little kids and grown ups for their constant raising of the hands. It was just weird to see. Now, Dollywood has the right to do whatever, it's their park and their rules. I just felt that there was no joy in the operator's tone. I also kind of got that vibe at other rides too. Ride operators over microphones saying park rules over and over again...With no sense of joy in their job. There was no, "How did you enjoy your ride" or "Who's ready to ride" or any kind of message with great joy for them or the guests. I understand that parks have to put up with all kind of bad behavior from guests and I'm sure Dollywood has had to deal with a lot of it also with the amount of guests they entertain on a daily basis...But I'm kind of worried that Dollywood is getting a little beat down by it and letting it show. I was at Silver Dollar City the month before, who is operated by the same company, and the ride operators there were joyous and happy and interactive in way that made you feel welcome. While at Dollywood, it felt like they were kind of unhappy and beat down, no joy whatsoever. Not going to say it was that way for every ride, but the majority of them felt that way. And I hate to say this about Dollywood, because I love the place! It's a park I go to every year and will continue to go there...But I am a little worried about them though.
  12. Thanks for all the info. We've been to Dollywood lots of times so I'm expecting SDC to be about the same with different rides and such. I love the cinnamon bread at Dollywood so I'm definitely going to be getting some at SDC too. Looking forward to all the BBQ...We're big BBQ lovers. I was hoping SDC had some indoor seating areas. Dollywood has some, so I expected SDC to also. Hopefully flooding won't be an issue but I realize this hasn't been the best week for weather near the Ozarks. Hopefully all that stuff is gone by the weekend. I think they're still calling for morning rain on Saturday, but maybe by opening it'll be gone. Wasn't aware of the company picnic...That is useful info. I was looking at a crowd calendar online and it said this weekend was expecting light crowds...But you can't believe everything you read on the internet. I may just go ahead and buy the advance trailblazer for Saturday. And definitely heading to Time Traveler first now. Thanks!
  13. Heading out to SDC for the first time this weekend. I was just wondering if any SDC pros had any advice to give as in what are the best restaurants inside the park to eat and what rides have the longest queues during the day. We'll be there two days and we'll play it by ear to see if we need to buy the trailblazer passes or not if the crowds get to be too much. But just curious on which coasters have the slowest queues...Those would probably be the ones we head to first at park opening. Thanks for any info.
  14. I love getting all these announcements early. I figure what Hershey is doing in 2020 is going to be gigantic with adding the new land and all...They're going to need to start working on it right away. Wise decision for the park imo. Can't wait! 2020 is going to be an awesome year!
  15. I think most people may wait to travel to ride Tigris in 2020...Definitely going to be there for RMC Gwazi in 2020! Can't believe they announced both today! What an awesome surprise! I'm so glad that this park is finally fixing the eyesores that everyone always complains about and hopefully this will quiet the talk about the busch gardens parks being sold.
  16. Well, BGT just made their 2019 announcment...But the little tidbit on 2020 was an awesome surprise. I won't mention what it was until a mod posts first. Just excited for this park, that's all!
  17. 2018 Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point Twisted Cyclone - SFOG 2017 Mystic Timbers - Kings Island Wavebreaker - SeaWorld Invadr - Busch Gardens Whistle Punk Chaser - Dollywood 2016 Valravn - Cedar Point Joker - SFDK Ghostrider (restoration) (If that counts) - Knotts 2015 Fury 325 - Carowinds Batman - SFFT Laff Trakk - Hershey Thunderbird - Holiday World 2014 Banshee - Kings Island Goliath - SFGAm Firechaser Express - Dollywood 2013 Gatekeeper - Cedar Point 2012 X Flight - SFGAm 2011 Cheetah Hunt - Busch Gardens Can't remember much past then.
  18. I would say the Golden Ticket Awards are good for the "new" enthusiast. When I first got into coasters about ten years ago, I used their awards like a checklist. But as time has gone by and have experienced all these parks for myself, I can see that the GTA's are a joke. But at one time...They were very helpful. I'll give them that credit...But that's about it.
  19. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Lightning Rod 3. Twisted Colossus 4. New Texas Giant 5. Twisted Timbers 6. Iron Rattler 7. Twisted Cyclone 8. Goliath 9. Joker 10. Storm Chaser Have not rode Medusa, Wildfire, Wicked Cyclone, Outlaw Run, Railblazer, or Wonder Woman yet.
  20. Yep, this is true. For the past three seasons, I've had a gold membership for $3.50 a month. Well, two actually for that price. For $7 a month, my wife and I can enjoy six flags anywhere. I wished other parks did this, but Six Flags is the only chain that begs you to stay. For that price, we'll never cancel again.
  21. I actually think this looks better than the Magic Mountain new addition...But both really do look great. I wasn't planning on a trip to Chicago next year, but I think this changes my mind. This new coaster looks pretty awesome!
  22. I actually like these floorless conversions. I'd like to see all standups vanish forever if they could. But with that said, I probably won't make a special trip to ride this next year. Only if I'm ever in the area. SFA isn't a bad park. Glad they got something coaster related for next year.
  23. I pretty much knew everything already from leaks but damn, I'm still impressed! I can't wait to ride this awesome coaster.
  24. SFOG is my home six flags park and I'd like to agree with this very biased review of these rides I've rode a hundred times but I just can't. I've visited other parks that just have better rides. So here is my response to these. Goliath: I agree MindBender: I agree Twisted Cyclone: I've rode all three new hybrids this year, and Steel Vengeance and Twisted Timbers are a lot better than Twisted Cyclone. Twisted Cyclone is a great ride, but it's the low man on the totem pole when it comes to RMC hybrids. I might put it above Storm Chaser and Joker but that's about it. GA Scorcher: It is the best stand up but it's also the newest...And it's still an uncomfortable ride. Batman: I agree that it is an excellent cloned model but it's nowhere as good as Alpengeist, Montu, or Banshee. DDD: If SFOG could figure out how to load this coaster properly, then it might be the best Eurofighter. The ops on this ride is a downright shame. But the ride itself is great, but not worth the wait. Blue Hawk: This ride is still painful. It was a good effort by SFOG to make this ride better, but I still skip it when I go. Superman: Tatsu and Manta are better but that's just my opinion. I actually enjoyed SFGAm and SFGAd's better than SFOG's but that's also just my opinion. GASM: I would say that every other coaster in SFOG can go die in a fire before GASM. This coaster was the very first coaster I ever rode and it holds a very special place in my heart. I will agree that SFOG needs to retrack the whole coaster and I miss the old trains...But GASM is my favorite in the park no matter how bad it gets. Mine Train: I agree. Joker: I agree.
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