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  1. It’s better than nothing. Weird that all the other CF parks are doing the opposite and opening dry only. Maybe this will promote a separate admission gate to the water park in the future.
  2. How were operations at Silver Lake? I plan on going to either the Holland or Muskegon location in early July. Do they have to clean each go-kart after every use? Are reservations required?
  3. How late can this park open this year? If it's not open in the first 2 weeks of July, I don't see it happening this year. Is 1.5 months really worth it as a company perspective?
  4. Cedar fair updated their website and this is their description. What are the shows they mention? Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I can't think of any. It's a nice blurb, that points exactly what it is. Interesting how they used "giant water park".
  5. Wow, this is really awesome. The upwards helix will have quite the experience.
  6. I wonder what will happen to the Hampton flat rides and Big Dipper. As a whole this is a solid, much needed area. I know it’s not the same, but a Falling Star type ride is making a return.
  7. Knowing them, the area could turn into a grassy area like what happened to the Stinger area at Dorney Park. If it is a Camp / Planet Snoopy, how many new rides are expected? Truthfully, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 2 or 3 new rides.....I guess that’s a lot for a park that likely won’t get anything new after this for 5 years.
  8. 2-4 parks normally receive a coaster each year. Kings Island and California's Great America appear to be all but confirmed. In the hunt are Kings Dominion and my dark horse Worlds of Fun. Maybe they will get one of Schlitterbahn Kansas City slides, although the selection seems small to pick from. More than likely a few lounge chairs and umbrellas. Any noticeable changes for those who have visited this year?
  9. It looks slow in some areas, but more circuits and warm weather will help with that. I don't think I've ever seen MCBR catwalks shake like it did at the end.
  10. Don't let the lack of replies slow you down. This has been a fun series to watch grow. The only thing is that theDouble Drop should have a pond on the splashdown area.
  11. The park couldn't even get a used Boomerang, and those are all over the place. There is no way they'd get Fire Hawk.
  12. They have a decent sized kids area near Medusa. I wonder if that area will be replaced by either or both of them.
  13. The launch air-time hill, the compactness of it, this will be an awesome. It's like Maverick evolved into a beast.
  14. 2 years of great additions in a row for Darien Lake. I'm surprised the full Six Flags announcement video didn't mention that they had previously owned this park.
  15. While Cedar Fair parks will show their new additions for their parks in these next few weeks (besides Mi Ad, hope I'm wrong). I decided to come up with a list that I think would help make this park meet what most of us think it could be. Most of these have been brought up before, so I'm not coming up with anything out of the blue. Honestly 1-4 are interchangeable. I thought about adding something next to Shivering Timbers helix, but hiding any part of the pride of the park can't happen. 1. Replace Hydroblaster for drop capsule slides 2. Planet Snoopy (9 rides) a. Coasters: Great Pumpkin Coaster and Woodstock Express b. Old: Be-Bop (Peanuts Turnpike), Splashers (Snoopy's Splash Dance), c. New: Woodstock Whirlybirds, Linus Launcher, Lucy's Tugboat, Flying Ace Aerial Chase d. Relocate: Airplanes ( Snoopy vs Red Baron) e. Remove: Elephants, Copters, Motorcycles, Kiddie cars 3. Connect path from Thunderhawk to Shivering Timbers a. Zamperla Mini Discovery and Zierer Tower Speed Coaster 4. Sit-down restaurant near Hawk and Rapids 5. Arcade removed for water-park expansion (Bowl Slide) 6. County Fair theme area from Scrambler to Farm 7. Larson Loop next to bumper cars. 8. Dark ride on expanded path near Rapids
  16. While nothing crazy, the Google Earth satellite has been updated. The date is now 5/15/2018. It was last done in 2015. Street view is still from 2011. I haven't been their since '16. It's interesting how they did the Funnel queue. It looks like they did more work on Thunderhawk than just the catwalk by the brakes, judging by all the stuff laying by it.
  17. I thought I saw that the catering area was getting a renovation, unless that fell through.
  18. A sit-down by Thunderhawk, Grand Rapids, and the train would be a prime location.
  19. The sand thing is partly true, it's more of marshy type soil. It's one of the reasons, the sewage / water issues behind Wolverine took so long. I think it's also why Thunderhawk was built on a slab and not over the water. But with today's tech, the land type shouldn't be an excuse for the future. The food prices are always why I bring my own lunch. It's a lot easier and saves money.
  20. With it going near Batman and Joker, I'm surprised it isn't getting a DC Comics themed name.
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