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  1. Excellent addition. This fits the the park so well. This is the type of park that I first thought of when these were first announced.
  2. I wonder if Viper at Great America will be converted. It's practically the same ride as Georgia Cyclone.
  3. This is probably the first flat ride I will never ride. Too much spinning and rotations for me to handle.
  4. I agree, the South End is really getting a make over over the past few years.
  5. It wasn't what I was expecting, but is a solid addition. I wonder if will go by Tornado or next to the wave pool.
  6. It's shorter, but it looks like it will pack a punch. The light blue rails look good and will stand out when entering the park.
  7. Great additions. But what is the point of the saucer things? The raft doesn't circle around it or anything.
  8. The good is news is Michigan is adding a new coaster. The bad news is, well there is no bad news, Michigan is getting a coaster. The Craig's Cruisers location in Grand Rapids is adding an SBF Vista Spinning Coaster for next year. Those local to the area know that Craig's Cruisers has go-karts, mini golf and a huge arcade. woodtv.com/2017/07/10/craigs-cruisers-to-add-roller-coaster-trampoline-park/ I've been to Craig's Cruisers more often than Michigan's Adventure in the last few years.
  9. Krypton Coaster looks like a fun ride with it's interaction with the walls. How would you rate Superman? Does it ride as good as it looks?
  10. With the Boomerang rumor being just that, can we expect a small waterslide, flat ride, or nothing for next year? With the internal stuff being all figured out (water and training center), I can see ride investments happening. My gut tells me a small kid ride. I wonder if the kid section will every be Snoopified. Whenever it happens, I wouldn't be surprised if they expand into the parking lot. It would be a huge investment. Honestly, I wouldn't mind that at all.
  11. MI Adventure has a great water park, that is missing a solid drop capsule or better ProSlide. The dry section is 2 or 3 quality thrill rides away and a more quality steel coaster. If those 4-6 attractions are added, this park is worth being visited every year.
  12. Solid addition. However, non-inverting loop is a common term. They now have 3 high quality steel coasters now.
  13. I think the entrance is right in front of the water park entrance where all the lockers are.
  14. Website has finally been updated to match the other Cedar Fair parks. I like the new design. This goes for all of them, but I wish the map had numbers to identify what each thing was. There is an option to filter, but it doesn't affect the map, only the Grid. The upgraded Half Pint Paradise takes up more space than I originally thought. edit: found the PDF version of the map, I had to go to the WIldwater Adventure page at the very bottom. Map
  15. I wonder if the coaster would have been a clone of Titan and Goliath or a custom design. I like Hurricane, it would have been disappointing if it would have been demolished.
  16. Michigan's Adventure turned a bad SLC to one of the best. Boomerang could have the same "success story".
  17. Unlike most interviews with the head person, I never heard anything about future additions. Most upper tier people when interviewed hint about or say they are excited about the future improvements. All I got out the article was a present type thing where the main idea was "Hey we exist, BUT, Cedar Point is better." Which 99.9999% of the GP already knows.
  18. This^^. We all know this park will never be the craze, but small additions like the ones above will be success stories in my book. Not a 150 ft B&M 5 inverted coaster that other parks dream about. Cedar Fair has stated multiple times they won't re-locate rides. This isn't Six Flags.
  19. This park deserves a comment. This is really impressive. Love the Middle Earth area. I would like to see some closer images of Batman vs Superman.
  20. The double track was the only rough spot on the ride. The new hill should bring some insane airtime. For the people that drove by, did you see any work on the waterpark addition?
  21. There must be a reason Elitch Gardens doesn't have a dedicated discussion thread. Even small parks have one. Yeah, there is. Ever been there? It's not linked to the park from the index page. www.themeparkreview.com/parks/park.php?pageid=213
  22. There must be a reason Elitch Gardens doesn't have a dedicated discussion thread. Even small parks have one.
  23. Interesting colors for Invertigo. Taipan's exit needs to cleaned. Lot's of throw-up.
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