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  1. I think we can confirm it. Other then Knott's Ghost Rider rehab and California's Vortex transformation. Worlds of Fun is a question mark, I have no clue what they are adding. MiA is adding nothing big if anything at all. All the other parks have announced it or is a horrible kept secret.
  2. I'm just saying, I feel like if there is something they will announce it earlier.
  3. If the park doesn't announce anything before the end of October then they aren't getting anything. I understand that there 2 most recent additions were announced in late November.
  4. Oh no, I completely agree with you. The park won't admit it, but I believe completely that they only own this park to make money and to grow Cedar Point and other larger Cedar Fair parks. Although, it has gotten better with Matt, but that was my main reason why I refused to like Dick when he owned Cedar Fair. It's a Geauga Lake in disguise. Mark my words.
  5. Local government problems. Uh oh. This could spell trouble to the park. Hopefully an agreement can be reached.
  6. Regarding food, whenever I go, we bring sandwiches and chips and eat it in the parking lot and use the re-enty thing. It's a lot cheaper and easier. The thing that I see here and on other social media outlets is that guests will continue to go here year after year. That right there is why the park has no reason to add anything new. They know that they have a ton of people that go every year no matter what. Granted the park's attendance would grow exponentially if something is added, but they really have no reason to, since even without something major in years, the attendance continues to grow year after year.
  7. On an unrelated note, I can't believe this thread made it to page 100. I remember when it was stuck in the low 20's forever.
  8. I'd like to see a layout rendering of the it, more than an off-ride pov.
  9. No Huss, S&S, because of high cost. No Chance, Intaimin because of bad relations. What's left? Improve the water park with some skybox slides or an amazing ProSlide tube slide.
  10. The park deserves a tower ride like a drop tower from S&S. Or a Frisbee or Top Spin by Huss. At this point, I'd take anything. A B&M will never be here, no matter how much we want one.
  11. Wait what? I haven't seen that anywhere yet. I'm really surprised at how bad the employees have been this year and understaffed. Do any of you think that since the park doesn't provide housing could be an issue? I mean the park is in the middle of nowhere.
  12. I could definitely see a boat ride or another ride interacting with the lake near the mine train. It's too big not to have something else. I think some fountains would make it look better if nothing else is added.
  13. Another excuse could be that they could say quit complaining. Now you can wait another 8 years for anything good. Seriously, I feel like I need to take anti-depressant pills every time after reading this forum or thinking about the park.
  14. Let's be honest, the park has no reason to have a Halloween event. The weather in Michigan in late October is terrible. Mine as well turn it into a Christmas event with the 20 degree weather.
  15. The pumpkin patch here is being transported to Cedar Point since they don't have enough room to grow all them they need.
  16. Could you take a picture of the new employee building behind the water park?
  17. According to the website's map, it claims its a game. #8 -New for 2015: Pizza Wheel. Get excited!
  18. That may be taking it a little too far. I think a better way of saying it is that in 10 years, not a whole lot will change, maybe 1 coaster and 3 or 4 rides/slides total. Cedar Fair will want to hang on to this park for as long as possible for not letting it compete with Cedar Point. Let's all be honest, as some won't admit it, most of Michigan's Adventure profits go to Cedar Point.
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