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  1. NewsPlusNotes found a blueprint sheet for where the concrete and drainage for the new ride in the 2016 will be. It looks like a dark ride/ coaster but can't tell exactly what. newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2015/02/taking-look-at-busch-gardens-tampas.html
  2. They have big profit margins because the park never buys anything worth noting. Of course they will. If Cedar Fair wanted to sell the park, I think they would've already. However Cedar Fair is keeping the park because they can spend the money else where. Mainly Cedar Point to keep the locals going to their flag park.
  3. Lost track of this park, but this continues to look really good. Hopefully I can go back to following this.
  4. We've been saying that for how many years now? The park is the epitome of maybe next year. (I guess it runs in Michigan with the Lions and Tigers).
  5. True, It's my home park The person below me has gone to Six Flags over Georgia.
  6. Looks like an area for a new flat ride. Maybe the 6th or 7th ride from the teaser.
  7. The Wednesday could be Physics Day for schools and then Thursday/Friday be the other school day events.
  8. Sadly, False The person below me has attended every Cedar Fair park.
  9. What rides still haven't re-opened from the former ownership? I know the Twins, any others?
  10. Huh. Stay posted. Sounds like either a rebrand or removal. The line is always empty, my guess is a removal of it.
  11. It is halfway through January now. What is everyone's deadline on the last possible day for the 2015 announcement? With sounds of Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland and possibly one other park getting coasters for 2016 the likely hood of getting a coaster for 2016 are very low.
  12. True The person below me attends college.
  13. How about the Dive Coaster dive under the water. It would truly be a "dive" coaster.
  14. If Mean Streak ever is demolished, what is the likely hood of the park expanding the water park to some of the land?
  15. False The person below me wants Oregon to win the College Football National Championship
  16. First flying scooters, now super loops, it almost seems like anything is possible. I wouldn't mind the Zipper. However it seems like they are at carnivals all over the place.
  17. And we wonder why Cedar Point is all ways one of the top attended parks. Cedar Fair adds something big almost every year. Ownership is basically forcing it to be the biggest every year. I wish it would replace Mean Streak instead of some flat rides.
  18. I am MIAfan88. I am a big fan of Michigan's Adventure and 88 is my favorite number. As with most newcomers, I have paid attention to TPR for along time. It felt like it was finally time for me to join in the have fun here. I will probably spend most of my time here in the RollerCoaster Tycoon sections and Cedar Fair park threads. Mostly Cedar Point, Michigan's Adventures, and Valleyfair. It's going to be a bumpy ride!
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