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  1. I'm really disappointed to see that their agreement with Chance is gone. That really took my hopes down for next year. Too be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to see another dead year. Thank you Google Earth!! June 1, 2015!! The most recent image was from 2008 or so. This new one is so clear is awesome. A couple things i noticed. How long has the train shed been there? I've never noticed it. I've been seeing people post about wanting a new "Mammoth-esque slide". The waterpark is landlocked and really no area for expansion other then the employee parking lot area. The other thing, are those the old go-karts? They look like it. They don't look like the old bumper cars.
  2. That is one thing I like about Six Flags. The yearly videos are an awesome idea.
  3. After so many years of high expectations, I've come to realize to keep mine very low. How busy are Saturdays in August? I imagine pretty crowded.
  4. The park looks dead. Thunderbolt is a great flat ride. But it hasn't done the backward cycle in a long time. It almost looks like the Ferris Wheel received a new scheme.
  5. Sounds like WoF is getting a dark ride and a TimberWolf makeover the next 2 years. ValleyFair is getting water park expansion this year or next. Michigan's Adventure, the park with hiding additions the best. A lot of members believe they are next.
  6. I know that we always look for any possible signs for additions. But this is desperate. It's a garden. The park needs more greenery and what not.
  7. I wouldn't call half those parks "underrated". A ton of those lists from Buzz Feed are awful anyways, so I'm not surprised. I think the park definitely needs a show or some thing like that. If I'm not mistaken, the circus only lasted 1 year, and I never knew the park had a jet-ski show.
  8. At first I was surprised Cedar Point was down, then I remembered they opened GateKeeper the year previous. On a side note, does this publication not list all properties Six Flags and Cedar Fair own? It would have been nice to see how the smaller parks of those big chains did.
  9. The scenery for both Cobra and Mako look very well done. The spin in the snake's mouth will be an awesome part.
  10. The designated smoking area is the prime movement area to expand. There is already a service road so the park already has some general ideas of if they wanted to expand that way. The area behind Grand Rapids could have some good airtime hills. Option area number 2, if I'm not mistaken has some flood/marsh area problems. I didn't cut the screen to show, but a collection of flats or the coaster could easily fit really good in that area.
  11. The purple and aqua colors looks good together. The twist at the end are nice touch.
  12. Does Cobra have the same layout that Batman: The Escape at Astroworld had?
  13. Has Cyclone been re-tracked recently or is it so bad that it makes no difference? As for White Water, judging by those pictures, I doubt the park will ever close. No matter how big the one at the SFOG becomes.
  14. The rides look really good, however, I don't like how all the shops/ stalls are right on top of each other. It will be a disaster area once the grows and becomes really big. For scenery, I understand how finding scenery objects are for a park like this so I would try dead trees or maybe add topography features like craters or mountains.
  15. A GTX coaster would be a perfect addition. Although it would nice if the park added something where Falling Star was. What's the possibility of Planet/ Camp Snoopy invading in the next couple of years?
  16. ~ First coaster in the world with 5 inversions ~ Repainted in 2010 ~ Considered the parks first coaster in 1982 Next Ride Batman: The Escape at Six Flags Astroworld
  17. I remember when Corkscrew was ugly white and nothing was on the other side of the lake. Falling Star was probably one of my favorite flat rides. Unless Funnel of Fear was once Blue and Pink, I think that is a wrong picture. It could be Zinga at Holiday World.
  18. I'm thinking about participating in the Michigan's Adventure event. I have a couple of questions however. 1) Is there still a park admission fee I'll have to pay? 2) When it says marathon, does that mean this is the only ride available to ride to those signed up? 3) Will the park be open to the general public not participating? 4) Since the goal is to raise a ton of money, will other members here help raise the required $75? 5) Do I have to be a Club TPR member? 6) The person I want to go with is not a member here, will he still be able to participate? Thanks for the help.
  19. I have a feeling these slide complexes will appear at more parks. They contain something for everyone.
  20. I think we know where the new water park expansion for next year will come from. Why couldn't Carowinds do what Kings Dominion did and have a path go under the woodie?
  21. Was replaced by Superman: Ultimate Flight Originally called Tony Hawk's Big Spin Evenly moved to Six Flags Mexico as Joker Next Ride The Villain at Geaugua Lake
  22. I just saw the parks new ad and NONE of the rides appeared. I've seen the Cedar Point ad and they show their rides. It's really stupid for them not to give this park more respect. I bet all the other Cedar Fair parks have at least one of their rides for their respected ad.
  23. I wouldn't mind Pokemon battle themed shows. I second the Star Fox themed coaster with a barrel roll and themed go karts.
  24. DorneyPark won't get a coaster till 2028. The pain I tell you. In all honesty, I belive DorneyPark and Valleyfair deserve a coaster the most. It's hard to believe Michigan's Adventure is the 4th oldest park.
  25. It's on Cedar Fair's new website. By clicking on each park reveals a drawing. The odd thing is, only Kings Dominion, Michigan's Adventure and ValleyFair show a coaster not at the park. Possibly hinting at a future new coaster.
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