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  1. According to a local newspaper, La Ronde will be receiving a flat ride package consisting of a Larson Flying Scooters named Phoenix and Gravitor, a ride which promises to bring you soaring to new heights "in an ocean of sound and light". Finally, Le Vampire will have his trains switched backwards, although the news article didn't specify if it will stay backwards all season long. I think Gravitor might be one of those rumored giant Zamperla Air Race, according to the description given by the news article. I guess we will find out tomorrow! Source (in french): journalmetro.com/actualites/montreal/835122/des-nouveautes-a-la-ronde-en-2016/ La Ronde's new rides
  2. Both tracks are open most of the time, but with the season quickly coming to an end, they might close one side depending on the day of the week. Honestly, go for track 2 first, as it is IMO the best out of the 2 tracks, and it is more likely to run 2 trains than track 1 because Le Monstre only has flash passes on track 2.
  3. It is a great water park! Do not miss out on the accelerators, especially the four person ones (if you are in a group)! I also think the 4 smaller body slides at the bottom of Summit Tower are fun to try, even if they aren't as thrilling as the bigger slides. There are plenty of picnic tables with umbrellas available at no additional cost, mainly next to the wave pool (which is amazing BTW!). I recommend you bring your own food, as it is allowed on site (except alcohol and glassware). If you prefer, there are multiple fast food options available, a sit-down restaurant and a dairy bar. You should buy your ticket online before heading to the water park, so you do not have to wait in line to buy your ticket at the park. Don't forget sunscreen! (Oh, and your bathing suit.)
  4. ^It was Spongebob Squarepants 3D's cue back in the days when the building was used as a 4D movie theatre.
  5. I think a Huss Enterprise 2G would be a great addition to the park. It could go in an empty spot next to Demon which is in desperate need of attention. Possible location for future flat ride
  6. LaRondeQC, I think you should stop spreading BS rumors on this forum. So far, NOTHING you said has been confirmed. It is only speculation at this point. Oh, and please, stop writing in caps. La Ronde will most likely get a new flat for 2016 and get a new roller coaster of some sort in 2017.
  7. Now, how the hell are they going to synchronise two trains??? Add this to the horrible operations of Magic Mountain, and you get a coaster that SHOULD duel but will be a second time coaster. Still looks to pack quite a punch! It'S just a bit sad to see such a giant among coasters getting remastered in a much smaller layout. Now you can scream AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN! And shablam, you're of to another turn! Le Monstre at La Ronde has to get the same sort of treatment!
  8. All credit goes to Screamscape on this one: Just type Bourbon Street Fireball Six flags on google and read the text under the first link. I guess that wraps it up 7 Story Loop You say...
  9. I just hope Sixflags doesn't throw them a small crappy coaster or a bad relocated one so they have an excuse for not investing big amounts in that park for another 10 years
  10. Yesterday, While I was at the park, I saw they were doing land clearing right next to the Cyclone, just left to the beginning of the waiting line. I unfortunatly do not have any pictures, but will try to get some at the park today
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