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  1. Hey all, haven’t posted here in a while but we are planning to be at the park tomorrow and are trying to hit all the major rides. From experience are the lines usually bad on a Wednesday? We are planning to hit Steel Vengeance first of course then go over to Maverick with our logic being the lines wouldn’t be too too bad by then as most people will be heading for SV. If anyone has any tips for us or what order we should head towards the coasters, it would be much appreciated!! Thank you!
  2. Well, this looks awesome! I love how they decided to do the launch like that, and I can imagine some sustained airtime at the top. Oh, and that quadruple down - that looks like an airtime lover's dream
  3. Nice Video! Honestly, most people complain about Hydra's lack of positive G's, but IMO I actually like it a lot because it feels much different from the typical B&M floorless coaster. That barrel roll is also lots of fun even though people say it's gimmicky.
  4. Looking really nice! Thanks for sharing the photos!
  5. It was about the other comment about being a hater, but let's drop this and get back to Dollywood. As for that building, I would definitely see it as a station. It is a bit close, but I think that has to be the station, because what else would it be, and if it wasn't the station where would the actual station go? Also, weren't there some rumors of having the employee building removed? Since they don't have too much room there, I would expect the thing that is being built right now to be the station, but we'll have to see.
  6. I don't know if those comments are specifically directed towards me, but I apologize if there was any confusion in what I was trying to say. I was not trying to be a "hater" and change your opinion, I was merely just saying that the park will probably choose whatever wheel is more practical. I too would like to see steel wheels, for a more wooden coaster feel, but alas, the ride will still be awesome even if it runs with poly of nylon wheels. If Dollywood does use topper track, they do have that choice to use a steel wheel, and they did that with Outlaw Run, so they may continue that with Shot Rod. Fingers crossed.
  7. They've been running that price since at least last season, and outside the park they have permanent billboards advertising "$10 TODAY ONLY" For the accident, it's pretty scary, and the park or whoever owns the ride got extremely lucky the ride ops didn't pull the lever sooner or else the people on the ride would be dead probably. The scary part though, id that I was there a few weeks ago and we noticed some frays in the bungee system - nothing major, just some small cords from the casing (I think it was the casing) were hanging off about a foot from the bungee cord. While in the park you can definitely tell there are some really run down areas in terms of maintenance. On the brake run of Cyclops, the brakes completely move side to side when they are applied to the train, which is a bit scary. Oh, and there are areas where you can easily touch the Zeus track from a guest walkway, which was a bit shocking to me. This whole accident seemed waiting to happen with the amount of neglected maintenance issues in this park. I really hope they take this one into consideration and try to actually make sure their rides are kept up and are for sure safe. I've never seen anything quite like this park but the rides are still fun.
  8. They will run whatever wheels work best. El Toro runs poly wheels, don't worry about what wheels it will run. Agreed. While the steel wheels may make it feel slightly more "wooden", the difference while riding isn't huge. I don't really think it will make a difference in the ride experience at all, so don't get too hung up on it.
  9. I honestly cannot see any RMC topper track in that photo, and why would the park keep RMC track lying around there in a common location for all of us to see - they would want to keep it a secret, right? Could someone please point it out to me if they think they see it? ^Sorry to bother you, but could you fix your editing please? I think you meant to say: "I thought the definition of "wooden coaster" was laminated wooden track with flat steel running rails on top." in response to me instead of quoting that for me, which I didn't say, and quoting my entire post.. Thanks.
  10. Well, there's no official definition for a wood coaster, but with steel wheels, it's more likely to be considered wooden. However, Goliath is still considered wood and it runs with non steel wheels. Yes, topper track is the IBox track essentially, but it has the bottom part wooden instead of the steel IBox configuration. The steel running plate is about the thickness of two wooden boards, and is placed on top of about seven wooden boards. I agree with you how inversions can be overused, but on RMC coasters they really feel like hey belong there and are not gimmicky or feel like they shouldn't be there. I don't know if you've been on an RMC before, but what they are doing with a wooden track is incredible - the inversions feel natural, and the ride isn't centered around upside down moments either. There is also plenty of airtime and some wicked sideways wave turns as well as banked turns. First off, welcome to the forums!!! I do think that it may be possible to have multiple launches with the budget (that would be really cool!), but the park may use a chain lift and a launch combo instead of two launches. There's actually no way of knowing what combo of systems they are going to use to get the coaster going, but I could see either happening right now. But yes, IMO, I think it would be possible depending on how much the launches would cost and how much more they would cost than a traditional lift.
  11. ^Yes, Outlaw Run uses steel, and Goliath has either nylon or poly wheels.
  12. Agree completely. This is probably too early to call, but I think it could definitely be the best coaster of 2016. As for the inversions, I'm sure it will have some. RMC's are known for their inversions, and is Dollywood really going to invest in RMC and not put inversions on the coaster? That just seems like it would be a huge miss to me. Also, if this thing ends up costing around 20 million, I don't think it's going to be the "tame ride" specifically geared towards families. After Fire Chaser, it's time for a true thrill coaster to be the best at Dollywood. Shot Rod, with inversions and a launch can do that for the park and round out the lineup with two new things: inversions on a wooden coaster and a launch on a woodie. And even with some inversions, it's not like the ride would be that extreme to ride that kids would come off super scared. Trust me, when I went to Silver Dollar City, there were tons of kids riding Outlaw Run and they just loved it. I don't think that Shot Rod would be much more extreme than Outlaw Run other than the launch. That's just my opinion, though, but it definitely makes sense for the park to add inversions. For the change in the skyline, I think it will go a bit above the tree line, but only one or twice for the lift and drop and possible something else. If they keep a wooden structure which is in the rumors, it wouldn't really be that noticeable. Obviously a huge steel track and supports like Wild Eagle are noticeable, but the wood structure seems like it would blend in with the park and not be an obvious change to the park's skyline. For the rest of the layout, I definitely think it will follow the terrain, kind of like Outlaw Run.
  13. You could be onto something with that, but as of now I don't think that we can see that as a possible new structure for the ride. The lift also has that truss structure if you look closely, and I think it's more of a coincidence that it happened that way - they must have taken the part of the photo from Goliath, which has the truss like that, when they were simulating and photo shopping the coaster in there. I'm not saying it can't happen, as of now, I just think it's a coincidence and isn't solid proof of a metal truss structure.
  14. ^Still staying with this, haha - it's pretty much a terrain hugging coaster for some of the layout, which if it ends up like that I'll be happy. I definitely think it will have inversions though - I mean, why not?
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