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  1. Hey all, haven’t posted here in a while but we are planning to be at the park tomorrow and are trying to hit all the major rides. From experience are the lines usually bad on a Wednesday? We are planning to hit Steel Vengeance first of course then go over to Maverick with our logic being the lines wouldn’t be too too bad by then as most people will be heading for SV. If anyone has any tips for us or what order we should head towards the coasters, it would be much appreciated!! Thank you!
  2. Nice Video! Honestly, most people complain about Hydra's lack of positive G's, but IMO I actually like it a lot because it feels much different from the typical B&M floorless coaster. That barrel roll is also lots of fun even though people say it's gimmicky.
  3. They've been running that price since at least last season, and outside the park they have permanent billboards advertising "$10 TODAY ONLY" For the accident, it's pretty scary, and the park or whoever owns the ride got extremely lucky the ride ops didn't pull the lever sooner or else the people on the ride would be dead probably. The scary part though, id that I was there a few weeks ago and we noticed some frays in the bungee system - nothing major, just some small cords from the casing (I think it was the casing) were hanging off about a foot from the bungee cord. While in the park you can definitely tell there are some really run down areas in terms of maintenance. On the brake run of Cyclops, the brakes completely move side to side when they are applied to the train, which is a bit scary. Oh, and there are areas where you can easily touch the Zeus track from a guest walkway, which was a bit shocking to me. This whole accident seemed waiting to happen with the amount of neglected maintenance issues in this park. I really hope they take this one into consideration and try to actually make sure their rides are kept up and are for sure safe. I've never seen anything quite like this park but the rides are still fun.
  4. You could be onto something with that, but as of now I don't think that we can see that as a possible new structure for the ride. The lift also has that truss structure if you look closely, and I think it's more of a coincidence that it happened that way - they must have taken the part of the photo from Goliath, which has the truss like that, when they were simulating and photo shopping the coaster in there. I'm not saying it can't happen, as of now, I just think it's a coincidence and isn't solid proof of a metal truss structure.
  5. ^^I think you might be onto something... Obviously the rumors this whole time have been dive machine, but if the arrow does end up pointing down like you said, the concept is practically confirmed.
  6. ^ I know. I was just joking and know they probably wont end up using it anyway. Even so, the only possibility for this name in my mind would be some sort of extreme flat of haunted maze. I know it probably won't be used for a coaster so I'm not that concerned.
  7. ^Trust the website - it's usually more credible than the app. The app once told me that the park closed at 9 but it actually remained open until 10, which was stated on the website.
  8. If they end up using the name "Total Mayhem", I'll probably kill myself Worst. Name. Ever.
  9. Seems like a cheap way to take a shot at other coasters that some people may like. Nope. Merely expressing my opinion that Thunder Dolphin is better than both of these rides--particularly when it comes to the view. As for your opinion, it has been duly noted and logged. Personally, comparisons to other coasters are helpful to me! Thunder Dolphin looks like it has some incredible elements that weave the structures, and even if it's not the most intense ride, it seems like the integration makes up for that.
  10. ^I don't know if this is too late but front if you want the view, back for a more intense ride. My personal favorites are row 6 inside seat for a smoother ride and lots of force and the front for the incredible view. It depends on your personal preference but you should try to ride at least twice in the front and back to really experience Banshee. Oh, and make sure you get a night ride if you can.
  11. I'm not sure whether or not I can see them getting one, but if they do then the old Ragin Cajun area would be perfect. Right now that area is basically unoccupied, but I don't know how much space JLBFM requires. I'm not sure that the size of that space would be large enough, but it sure would be a great addition!
  12. ^^Your pov is awesome! Thanks for making that to actually give a better sense of the ride's speed - the park released one was SLOW. Hopefully the real Mako will have some nice air!
  13. Can we still get in early, even though we don't have season passes? Thanks for the info! I'm actually not sure about that, but even if you get there early, they will let you into the park around 10:00 and than you can head to Goliath. Oh, and my tip is that if it seems like there is a huge crowd lined up to ride in front of the entrance when you get there, stick it out and wait. The crowd may seem huge, but once all of those people get into the queue, it's about a ten of fifteen minute wait on most cases. If the mass of people is stretching to the covered bridge, it'll be around that time - 15 minutes. Oh, and if you secure a place in one of the lines at a minute before park closing, you can get to ride that attraction. Just don't bank on a front row ride as the opps at Great America like to send the least amount of trains as possible when the park closes, so they will want to fill all available rows instead of just the front.
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