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When brakes bite hard

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Nobody has mentioned the infamous final brake run on Eurosat at Europa Park. The coaster, although not too fast, hits the brakes so hard it is actually uncomfortable. I guess the ride layout didn't leave much space for a longer brake run, hence the abruptness.

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-VF's Mad Mouse occasionally brakes the train quite rapidly and painfully.

-Flight of Fear's (KI) brakes (both mid-course and final brakes) were very sudden and jerky on the neck.

-Mamba at WOF comes to a hard full stop on the final brake run every time.

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Montezooma's Revenge has quite a rough stop, but of course that is expected with it having to stop in such a short distance. Xcelerator also decelerates pretty quickly, but it isn't really uncomfortable. Full Throttle also has a quick stop, but coming off that drop and slamming into the brakes is my favorite part of the ride!

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I have to say, Wildcat at Cedar Point was the most brutal for me. If the ride op has to demonstrate to you as you came careening into the station that you need to use ye ole straight arm to avoid bashing your head/teeth, it's probably going to be pretty abrupt.


Oh yes, I agree...Wildcat was likely the inspiration for the Tooth Chipper on The Simpsons.


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Magnum has insanely painful brakes at Its Final Brake run if their's a problem dispatching the next train.


I think they changed this when Magnum got its new control booth, but you used to have to run out to that brake run to reset the ride if the ride "set up" from the crew not hitting interval.

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Why does this happen, and what can be done about it?

To answer the original post, it's up to the ride programmers to ensure the braking is smooth and comfortable (as it can be in regard to the hardware limitations).


I'm not saying this is not true, but to add, a lot of it has to do with ride mechanics at each individual park. They have discretion to apply brakes as they see necessary, and this can either be up to the individual mechanic who works the ride every day, or the mechanic higher ups who decide based on maintenance or safety what is best for each ride. Goliath at Magic Mountain is a good example, basically what I've been told is the ride cycles WAY too fast, which is why the MCBR basically comes to a complete stop, and the first set of brakes at the end of the ride hit super hard. The train comes into both of them with too much speed, and if they didn't brake it so hard on the MCBR you'd hear many more complaints about that brown-out helix of death.


However on some rides I go on it really seems unnecessary for the brakes to be hit so hard. To me for the worst ones it seems like an oversight on behalf of maintenance, and I think with a little bit of tuning they could make them much more comfortable.

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I can't think of too many noteworthy other than the Batmans, especially during HITP since you are hauling into the the brakes.


Nitro definitely when running three trains, the final brake run is brutal, and I've gotten used to bracing myself there.


S:ROS @ SFA is horrific in the back row, you come down that last bunnyhop to a standstill.

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I didn't read through every page, but I'm shocked to not see:


Raven, Holiday World


Every single ride on Raven has ended in a ridiculously hard stop. I know it comes flying into the brake run, but dear lord...


Vortex, Kings Island will bring you to a complete stop when there's a train on the block right behind the station and it's pretty awful. Usually this doesn't happen due to good operations, but every now and then it happens and it's really really hard not to bump the back of your head.

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On Pakal at Mirabilandia (I'm sorry, Gold Digger (I hate that new name)) the brakes hit so hard, they had to put a sign up over the brake run saying "Warning: Strong braking ahead!"

OH MY. I remember that one. The braking took me by surprise and killed my stomach... And then only I saw the signage and was like "ha-ha, well played... You won't fool me next ti-..." CA-TCHUCK. That piece of crap had a second harsh stop. I hate you, Pakal.


I'm not saying this is not true, but to add, a lot of it has to do with ride mechanics at each individual park.


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