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  1. My first stint at SFSTL was in the mid to late 90's... those were the days. This was when they still had the "themed" uniforms. I worked in Britannia, so I wore the oversized baggy Robin Hood shirt. We were issued 2 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and or pants. Anything besides that you had to buy. There may have been a refundable deposit on coats, but not fore sure. Anyway, that's when we had an entire wardrobe department, complete with locker rooms and showers. The locker rooms are underneath wardrobe. Here too you had the option to wash your own uniform or turn in dirty to get new/ fresh.
  2. Do you think the GP cares about a small flat and the model it is?? Not... One.... Single... Bit!! I see what you are getting at, but in this case it doesn't mean anything. The refurb for Excalibur wasn't as costly as you'd think, and of course they'd want to refurb it, its the only one of its kind in the world. Look, the park has potential, we all know it, we are just sick of getting the shaft.... trust us, many of us work or have worked there and know how it all works.
  3. Trying to pinch every penny they can, sounds harsh, but just the truth
  4. I have always thought the same thing, but corporate unbelievably actually had plans for the 50th, but that has all been scrapped. Unfortunately due to Covid, the amusement park industry as whole is going to see side effects from this for many years to come
  5. Its true, Cat Woman's Whip is being pushed off til 2022. 2021 is SFSTL's 50th Anniversary, and we're getting nothing.
  6. Don't forget SFSTL maintenance workers are union, so don't forget about the 100's of hours in labor at about $30 an hour lol
  7. Yes, the majority of these are from the Shapiro days when Shapiro was brought in to get the parks back in shape. His short stay was all planned ahead, then once he got things to where they needed to be, the new top dogs would then be brought in to continue building on what he started... instead, they demolished what he started and put them further behind than what they were before he came in. He went to each park before the start of the season for a conference with all the dept managerial teams, I was there, and he said "EVERYTHING IS GETTING FRESH PAINT, TULIPS ARE COMING BACK, LIGHTS WILL BE
  8. Easy explanation, because corporate Six Flags just doesn't care about anything anymore unfortunately
  9. Heres some of many other pics I took from over the years. These are all from 2006-2009
  10. Holy crap, I never paid any attention to those... Here's some more pics that I took from that day. GOD it was an awful paint scheme
  11. I spotted Quimera/ Triple Loop on the move from Mexico to Indiana today headed north on I-55 in southern MO.
  12. A lot of the maintenance vehicle damage is from driving OFF the main paths.... in the woods, tight restricted areas, paths that they wouldn't use for a drive thru event, and from being banged up when loading and unloading equipment. When a worker hits something in the park, reports are filed, and there is only a very small amount filed each year.
  13. I don't even know how to say this because I just can't even believe it... It is with heavy heart to say that Josh (HWFan) passed away today after a lengthy battle. This young man was such an amazing person, not just in the amusement industry... for anyone who had ever met him, he was so incredibly smart, kind, warm, and enthusiastic. Please keep Josh's family in your prayers.
  14. Hey everyone, its been awhile since I've done much more than browse the board, but I wanted to ask everyone here for some deep hard prayers for Josh (HWFan)... Some of you may already know whats going on, but I'm not going to get in to specifics out of respect to Josh and his family, just asking for prayers. So big prayers to you Josh and your family
  15. What about the part where he says the camera man is holding the 20 LB camera!!! They don't even want you holding a cell phone when riding... can you imagine riding that with a 20 LB camera on your shoulders!!!???? Great video, thanks for sharing
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