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  1. I don't even know how to say this because I just can't even believe it... It is with heavy heart to say that Josh (HWFan) passed away today after a lengthy battle. This young man was such an amazing person, not just in the amusement industry... for anyone who had ever met him, he was so incredibly smart, kind, warm, and enthusiastic. Please keep Josh's family in your prayers.
  2. Hey everyone, its been awhile since I've done much more than browse the board, but I wanted to ask everyone here for some deep hard prayers for Josh (HWFan)... Some of you may already know whats going on, but I'm not going to get in to specifics out of respect to Josh and his family, just asking for prayers. So big prayers to you Josh and your family
  3. What about the part where he says the camera man is holding the 20 LB camera!!! They don't even want you holding a cell phone when riding... can you imagine riding that with a 20 LB camera on your shoulders!!!???? Great video, thanks for sharing
  4. Thats just it, we dont know. It could go another month, it could take a year... the numbers or time frame I stated were just an example. I was trying to get at what kind of ramifications this could have on the industry for years to come
  5. Its been quite a while since I've posted on here. I've read through this whole thread, but I may just have missed it... or maybe I'm just illiterate. Anyway, this pandemic is obviously nothing to take lightly, ad I feel most people are trying their best so we can get past this mess, but I feel these closures are going to be much longer than most realize. Things are going to get worse before better. Lets just say it take another month for new cases, then another month for it to level off and then decrease, then another month for there to be no known cases anywhere, then another month of a "just
  6. Exactly, if he had such a problem, how come he didn't say anything about Mystic Timbers when it opened. He may have dug a hole for himself though, legal fees won't be cheap
  7. 1989 - Ninja - SFSTL 1995 - Batman - SFSTL 1995 - Cyclops - Big Chief Carts And Coasters (now Mt. Olympus) 1996 - Pegasus - Big Chief Carts And Coasters (now Mt. Olympus) 1997 - Zeus - Big Chief Carts And Coasters (now Mt. Olympus) 1998 - Mr. Freeze - SFSTL 1999 - Boomerang - Elitch Gardens 2000 - Boss - SFSTL 2000 - Flying Unicorn (now Flight of the Hippogriff) - UIA 2005 - Backlot Stunt Coaster - Kings Island 2006 - Goliath - SFoG 2006 - Voyage 2007 - Dive to Atlantis - Mt. Olympus 2007 - Tony Hawk's Big Spin (now Pandemonium) - SFSTL 2007 - Deja Vu - SFGA 2008 - Behemoth - CW
  8. Thanks, definitely picked the perfect day to go. Because of the quietness that day, it made me realize how nice of park it really is
  9. So last week I ventured on quite the park trip journey. I went from 90* weather in Orlando at BGT, Universal, and SeaWorld to 30* weather at Silver Dollar City. Kind of weird to be doing amusement parks days apart with over 60* temperature differences. Crowds were light in Florida, Universal a tad heavier than the other 2. Silver Dollar City was dead as hell, but it didn't matter because barely any rides were open due to how cold it was, so no Time Traveler . It makes me wonder with how cold it has been if HITP at SFSTL will do good this year. If it stays cold, crowds will be far less. Anywa
  10. Thanks. We got VERY lucky, longest wait was 5 minutes all day, and that wasn't even on Cheetah Hunt
  11. Trip report from my visit last Monday, November 5th. We made our way from Orlando and timed our arrival perfectly. We arrived 10 minutes before the gates opened and we had already purchased the Busch Gardens Sea World combo ahead of time. There may have been 35-50 people waiting at metal detection, if even that. As we went through metal detection, we unfortunately came across a rather unhappy security officer. He had a bad attitude, talked in a loud mono tone voice, and was snapping at everyone for every little thing. He told one man to move quicker, was getting exasperated with a woman th
  12. First teaser poster has appeared. Numerous sites posted this yesterday with short articles talking about the announcement being in early 2019 and still leaning towards the theming being of Hagrid's motorcycle and the Forbidden Forest.
  13. Visited HW yesterday and it was that perfect dreary type of day to be there. The forecast had been calling for a lot of rain Sunday, but last minute, forecast changed and we made the trip over. Multiple rides on the 4 coasters, and rode almost all the non kiddie rides, and the longest wait we had was about 5 minutes, but pretty much everything was walk on. Park looked great with the Halloween theming as usual. Even though I've been going to HW for 15 years, I just can't get over how great of a park this is.
  14. Who remembers the version where they would "spotlight" each country, and all the spotlights around World Showcase would rapidly come together to highlight a certain country? That was a cool effect! I remember that and was so disappointed when they quit doing it. All in all, I am disappointed to see it go, but am excited to see what Disney has in store. Something tells me we won't be disappointed with the new
  15. As we all knew this is what we were getting, which is fine, a great little flat, my thought is we still got the shaft. If Highland fling weren't to have broken down, what would we have gotten then?? I think a double install would have been the right thing to do, but hey, we're SFSTL, to corporate we're nobody
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