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  1. While the Vekoma trains may not be a solution due to their bad design, I do think an improved inverted style swinging car where your legs dangle would definitely push Ninja up a notch in terms of thrills. Not that it needs them. Ninja in any seat is a quickie, but a goodie. One of the first big rides I ever went on. I love it!
  2. Dude that is awesome! I think we all learned something new today I never knew about that on Google maps but thanks so much for sharing! A kind of cool idea, but I dunno, I miss Beary Tales, but I have to admit, I'm an adult now...and me going through something like that...well, at this point....I've let it go lol. I'd rather they do a Soap Box remake.
  3. What I am most interested in is how you figured out the square footage of the coasters. Is this from a source you got somewhere on the internet, or is this something you've been able to figure out on your own? As for the Top Thrill opening so soon, I am impressed. And hopefully that will bring Xcelerator up to date as well and opened sooner rather than later. It makes sense that Intamin would improve their hydraulic launch designs 10+ years after being installed, there's a lot more to know now than there was back then, and I don't know why Cedar Fair would have an issue implementing t
  4. I feel we should have a general information disclaimer or a link stickied at the top of this and the more popular threads like Cedar Point, laying out a plan of action for folks visiting who have never been to the park before, or just things that are known enthusiast knowledge, because it seems like we repeat the same crap to the same questions on almost every page? I don't think ANYONE on this site has EVER suggested buying a Flash Pass BEFORE YOU GO TO THE PARK. It doesn't save you time, it doesn't save you money, it's just the parks way of getting people to spend money on upcharges they
  5. Well I wouldn't know about every park I've been to, but certainly at Magic Mountain, Knott's, Cedar Point, and Disneyland, I have on *multiple* visits done the "hustle to that one last ride 5 minutes before the park closes" and never been turned away unless the ride was closed already due to technical issues. I'm talking X2, Ghostrider, Valravn, and Space Mountain. I went on X in 2001 (or was it 2002) a week after it delay-opened (think it was like a January or February trip) and can't remember that far back specifically, but lines back then were like 4+, 5+ hours long, so it would m
  6. That is awesome to hear. I will forever love the Twilight edition of these types of rides, I just loved the storyline combined with the huge tower, but if they (as you said) ramped up the ride experiences for night time riders, and have now made 2 different ride experiences in 1 day, that is an awesome plus as far as I'm concerned, and I can forgive them for giving up the Twilight theme. I'll never forget having to BEG my ex to get on ToT because she absolutely HATED the airtime parts, but to me, it was one of the best rides in California because there was nothing else like it that delibe
  7. As long as you are in the line before the park closes, they will let you wait to ride. We used to do this with whatever line was the longest during the day and leave it for the last ride, usually X2. Sometimes cutting it close and getting there less than 5 minutes before the park closes. I've been there before where the park closed at 10 and we didn't walk off the ride until 11:30 almost 12am. What's funny is during the day the line can drag along and seem like it takes forever. Once the park is closed and the employees want to go home, it's amazing how their efficiency increases and how
  8. I have loved HHN at Universal for the past decade now. The mazes were remarkable, the amount of monsters in the streets were insane, I always have had a couple instances where I actually got "scared" or caught off guard. Not too many years ago, the crowds were bearable, the lines for the mazes weren't usually more than an hour, and you could get on a few big attractions as well (Mummy, Jurassic Park, The SImpsons). There are very few people on here who will agree with me, but I found it remarkably better than Knott's Scary Farm which I had attended YEARS before going to Universal, which I alwa
  9. My feeling is that Apocolypse is super high maintenance and I blame the super heavy trains and GCI. I just always felt like the trains tore the ride apart on every cycle, and I know the park tried to help with the retracking, but something smells fishy. That corner of the park is just cursed with problematic coasters. I blame the earthquake .
  10. I'm a bit confused by the $10 upcharge for the backward facing seats. Do they literally take payment at the gate of the ride? Or do you pay for it at the admission gate? Is it "per ride" or do you get a pass for the day? That being said, the ride itself looks phenomenal. The theming of the queue is meh for me, looks a little too Six Flagsish. But hey, for me, if the ride itself kicks ass, I always look past it. Minimal shade too. WOULD IT KILL THEM TO PUT UP SOME SHADE!???!
  11. Is it just me or are the Toy Story life size characters that walk around some of the more creepy ones you've seen at theme parks? Don't get me wrong, I love Toy Story, but something about their unchangeable facial expressions is just off putting to me in a clown/Chuckie kind of way... That being said, I am actually super stoked to see how this Slinky Dog coaster finishes up. Nice job on the trains!
  12. Is there a reason this park can't put a coaster or new attraction anywhere but in the 2 dead end corners of the park where there is already a surplus of rides almost literally right on top of one another? There is SO MUCH room throughout this park that goes unused, but for some reason the areas of the park that have the most concrete and the least amount of shade keep getting installations! Went to SFDK back in July, the dumb larson looper wasn't even operating, not that I would have ridden it, but I don't know why they even have one of those in the park, it's the exact same carnival
  13. My issue with them is that I rode this exact same attraction at a cheap ass traveling weekend carnival 15+ years ago, and they were fine for a carnival attraction just like a fun house or zipper, but they are a tacky addition to parks that have invested millions into long lasting permanent attractions. These are abysmal additions devaluing the park by thinking "anything" is better than nothing. Nobody wants to ride these things. On my last trip to SFDK they had a Larson Looper, and surprise surprise, it was CLOSED. And NOBODY fretted over it. Nobody cared. Because everyone just looks at it
  14. Okay so before I saw that video on Facebook by Warner Bros Movie World posted on here, I saw a video of the rides cycle on YouTube by someone outside the park, off-ride, and while Warner Bros Movie World had cuts to make the train *appear* to fly through the track, the video I saw showed the train going slightly slower. So I'm not sure if it's the angles or some kind of editing on the Facebook video by WBMW, but comparing the two cycles, they look *significantly* different. I'm not sure the train goes through the track as fast as the park made it look. I may be wrong, just mentioning that to y
  15. ^I would be thrilled with the smaller version single rail RMC is installing at Fiesta Texas. I think it's capacity could be on par with Xcelerator. I may be mistaken, but isn't there an elevator on the queue side of Ghostrider, to allow those with disabilities access to the ride platform? And doesn't the Ghostrider exit have a HUGE tall series of stairs on the exit side? So the queue side of the line is disability accessible, but it's just not being used? And people voluntarily hustle up that huge flight of stairs, but can't wait in line? Kinda unorthodox if you ask me. I've never un
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