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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Millennium Force has phenomenal airtime during the hill right after the first tunnel, and right before the second tunnel.


Jack Rabbit and Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood have insane airtime. Kennywood gets my vote for "Best Airtime Park".


One that really surprised me was Gemini. If you sit towards the back of the train, there's excellent airtime on the drop following the highly elevated curves. I got red marks on my belly from being launched out of my seat!


I think Ghostrider has some of the best airtime ever, which is why its my #1. Lots of high speed bunny hops creating violent pops of airtime.


The SC Giant Dipper also has wonderful floater airtime over the various dips.


Here's Millennium Force's underreated airtime hills.

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Ok, I don't know if this is normal, but I got a TON of airtime on an SLC last weekend. Mind Eraser at EG. It was awesome!


That isn't my pick, but mine would have to be Goliath at SFMM. That long, stretched hill is amazing!


The wooden with the most airtime that I've been on would have to be Colossus at SFMM. It was rough, but it did have loads of air!

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At Kings Island, Vortex's first drop and Racer. But Drop Zone trumps them.


All time best airtime in my book, so far:

Maverick. The first drop, airtime hill, horseshoe roll, pop before the tunnel, stengel dives, and final airtime hill. Incredible.

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Top 10


1. Maverick - Insane ejector throughout the whole ride

2. El Toro - Some more insane Intamin ejector, stapled or not.

3. Jack Rabbit - I was standing up from the airtime on some of those hills!

4. Millennium Force - Unlike what most people say, I got tons of airtime on most of those hills!

5. Magnum-XL 200 - Lots of air on the ride, but I couldn't concentrate as I thought my head was being off my neck!

6. Skull Mountain - Back row, you go flying up as high as the lap bar is above you on that first drop, which is usually pretty high above me.

7. Star Jet - Although trimmed to death, the airtime on some of those hills are insane.

8. Wicked Twister - Haven't heard this one, but I got lots of airtime going up those spikes.

9. Kingda Ka - In the front row, you get ejector air on the top hat and airtime hill!

10. Python - Another pier ride and at Playland in Ocean City.. if you choose the back row, you get tons of airtime, but headbanging (restraints are padded), if you choose front row, you get a smooth ride but little airtime. I choose the back!

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My vote would go for The Voyage, I mean, there isn't 10 seconds after the chainlift that you aren't out of your seat!!!! (Okay, so slight exageration, but you have to admit, that airtime is INTENSE!)

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