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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Phoenix - Crazy airtime and speed that just keeps going until you hit the brakes; this ride seems to defy physics. Feels like it could keep going a few thousand more feet of track. Unbelievable at night.


Nitro- You would fly away if the restraint opened up during the ride. Great dark out and back ride into the woods at night.

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Tonnerre de Zeus, a crazy mix between floater and ejector air!


And that first drop (back seat) is perfect fun and pleasure! But only air is nice, every time the train turns, it becomes sooo uncomfortable! it definitely needs retracking...

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Back when PGA was still Marriot's Great America, my buddy Jim and I took a ride on the Turn of the Century (which later grew two loops and became the Demon) in the front car. We stretched and relaxed on our way up the lift hill--rather comfortable in front, we thought. Then we plunged down the first hill and shot over the hump--our legs flew in the air and banged against the top of the car. I sure the shocked expression on my face matched Jim's. Absolutely hilarious!


We rode it again later in one of the middle cars. Some gent in the front car actually lost his toupee! It was flopping around like a big, hairy bat.

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so like which has more Air time, Expedition GeForce or S:ROS? From seeing both POV's S:ROS looks like it has a couple of hills more, but EGF looks like those last hills are intense, and they just hit you one after another, like bam bam bam, where as S:ROS's is more like bam...bam...bam.

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Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)


There are many that used to have great airtime but it is now gone. Here is some airtime casualties:


Beast (2nd hill - gone)


Mighty Canadian Mine Buster

Bluestreak (Cedar Point)

Comet (Hersheypark)


What are you talking about man? Blue Streak with no air? Aww, FUCK no!


It still has decent air, i have to say, i'm 210 and still get airtime on it!

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Here are my favorite airtime machines:

-Phoenix @ Knoebel's (king of airtime, hands down)

-Timbers @ Michigan's Adventure

-Magnum @ Cedar Point


One that could be good but is over-trimmed: Steel Force @ Dorney


Next year, Voyage, that thing better be on everyone's list in here.

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This hill on Thundercoaster in the backseat. Its nothing special when the weather is good because it usually goes quite slow at this point, but when its raining its flying over this hill giving the most extreme ejector airtime I have ever felt on a wooden coaster for the riders in the backseat. It can be quite painfull though if you have a few inches of space between you and the restraints because you are taking off like a rocket


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