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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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1. Maverick - Insane ejector throughout the whole ride

2. El Toro - Some more insane Intamin ejector, stapled or not.

3. Jack Rabbit - I was standing up from the airtime on some of those hills!

4. Millennium Force - Unlike what most people say, I got tons of airtime on most of those hills!

5. Magnum-XL 200 - Lots of air on the ride, but I couldn't concentrate as I thought my head was being off my neck!

6. Skull Mountain - Back row, you go flying up as high as the lap bar is above you on that first drop, which is usually pretty high above me.

7. Star Jet - Although trimmed to death, the airtime on some of those hills are insane.

8. Wicked Twister - Haven't heard this one, but I got lots of airtime going up those spikes.

9. Kingda Ka - In the front row, you get ejector air on the top hat and airtime hill!

10. Python - Another pier ride and at Playland in Ocean City.. if you choose the back row, you get tons of airtime, but headbanging (restraints are padded), if you choose front row, you get a smooth ride but little airtime. I choose the back!


I only recall ejector air on the drop and the first camel hump on Maverick. No where else.


EL TORO WINS this award by a longshot.

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Xcelerator probably has the best air-time (for a coaster I've been on). I guess Superman has a lot if you count that as air-time. Wicked has some pretty good air on top of the tower. Roar has little bits here and there. California Screamin' has a good amount. X2 has some on top of the first raven turn surprisingly. Montezooma has a little bit in the back seat on the backwards spike. Even Viper has some coming up onto the MCBR.


But which has the most?


Perilous Plunge! If only it was a coaster.

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Well, since the question is "best airtime" and not "most forceful or greatest amount of airtime," I'll give one of my typical off-the-wall answers:


Goliath at SFMM has my single favorite airtime moment: the huge camelback third hill.


/Crap, I just said something good about Magic Mountain.

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Magnum (extreme ejector) or Oblivion (awesome floater). Probally the best ones but my favourite is Millie Force's first drop as its just perfect. Saw's little drop is quite strong.


I personaly found Maverick's a bit weak other than the first drop. Then I probally didn't noticed it due to how dam rough it is. Still awesome ride though.

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From what I've been on, the Voyage takes my vote. Floater hills, ejector hills, even the crazy negative/lateral g hills! That thing rocks.

Maverick is the steel coaster with the best airtime to me. It's extreme, but not painfully extreme.

Honorable Mentions:


Georgia Cyclone

Millennium Force



Goliath SFOG




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My list of rides with the best airtime.


Jackrabbit @ Kennywood



Comet @ The Great Escape

Even though it's not a coaster, Perilous Plunge deserves to make the list anyway.

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From the coasters I've been on, it's definately sequoia adventure. (if it's counted as airtime...) It's utterly insane.

If that doesn't count, than the only other coaster with airtime I've been on is Magic Mountain... It has pretty cool airtime down the first drop in the back seat, and nice air on the hump after the loops, just about anywhere you sit.


I'm counting on iSpeed to be the best, tho...



But the very best airtime I've ever had, is the one delivered by Discovery (A fireball flat ride), at prater! That was a state of pure bliss!




PS: Forgot this: The airtime in the very last seat on Katun, when coming of the MCBR, was pretty awesome too!

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That's a tough question...I don't think I can post a favorite coaster that has airtime! Below are some of my favorites...


Phoenix (no seat belts baby!!)

Nitro (I think this coaster has awesome airtime)

Apollo's Chariot

Millennium Force


And for the record, I thought Viper @ GADV had the best hang time I've ever experienced on a coaster.

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