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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Umm what airtime is to be had on GASM at SFOG? I had a highbar slacked belt and backseat ride.. I came off the seat maybe 2 times... I dont see how its an "air time machine".... SROS and Cyclone both at SFNE have some great pops of air.. Cyclones backseat on the first drop = !


GASM has LOADS of air time. On every drop, I go flying out of my seat even with a tight seatbelt. You must have gone on a bad day. I have never had a bad ride on GASM

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Cyclone at SFNE hands down has the most extreme airtime I have ever expierenced. Espiecally over this hill (its the one you can see going over the turn before the lift hill, at the top of the picture. Honurable mention goes to S:ROS SFNE (those camelbacks on the return trip are awesome), Thunderbolt at SFNE (the last few dips and bunny hops before the curve into the final brake run give great ejector air), and Nitro at SFGAdv (great floater air, and some nice ejector air on the last few bunny hops from what I remember). Also, Zero-G rolls on floorless coasters give great floater airtime, and Millenium Force's first drop had some nice airtime from what I remember (MF was my first major coaster, and I was scared to death on it, and thus don't remember much of it).


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This is my baby:



I love the airtime on it...


This is a close second:



Elissa "it's weird cause they're both such different rides!" Alvey


I have to laugh at the second pic because (sorry) Elissa's hair looks like a beard..lol But, that IS some good air time, indeed!


**I would add my two:

1. Apollo's "Fabio Bird-Express" Chariot. The overall experience of airtime and that last drop still gets me (even when you know its coming).


2. Loch Ness-first drop. A classic! I recall back in our ride testing days (before opening season) we used to convince the managers to ride with us. Little did they know why I was holding a cup of cold water *grin*. Well, once you go down the first drop, you turn the cup upside down and watch how long the water will stay in the cup. Well, they (managers) thought that was a cool "trick" (thanks Einstein..lol). So, on the second run I would do the same thing, but hold it just long enough to where the water would come out and get everyone in the car wet (and in the next car as well)...hehehe They didn't like that very much.

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Of the ones I have been on (in order):


Goliath (SFoG)

Shivering Timbers (at night after a hot summer day is ridiculous)

tie-Apollo's Chariot

tie-Goliath (WW)

Georgia Cyclone (trimless on the one day it runs that way....drools)

Magnum (but that doesn't mean I like the ride....ugh)




Hopefully I can add to that list with Voyage and perhaps some other coasters next year.

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