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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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out of the rides i have done, these are the few that give great bursts of airtime


Rattlesnake (CwoA, i end up standing every time we go over a hill)


Colossus (TP, massive airtime after the loop and unde the shop! great head chopper!)


Nemesis (AT, im surprised for such a small beginning hill it atually goes that fast!)


Nemesis Inferno (TP, not as much, but still a decent amount)


RQOS (AT, nice first curve into a massive hill filled with airtime. try to keep the bars loose for extra airtime!)


Corkxcrew (AT, omg a vekoma with decent airtime??? have the bars as loose as possible. major airtime, especially with loos restraints, its almost scary)


Spinball Whizzer (AT, down the first hill and on the overbanks)


Oblivion (AT, feels like your flying 0_o)


I'm sure ive ridden a kiddie ride filled with airtime...

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I don't know if I said this but here's my list:


Yankee Cannonball with heavy floater air with even some ejector!


LNM: Great Ejector air on the first drop!


Apollo's Chariot: Lots of floater air


Canobie Corkscrew: good floater airtime on the first drop


Thunderbolt: Double down airtime!

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Ill say Superman Escape at WBMW. Its only got 3 real airtime points but its crazy. The last hill is cool because you get pushed up, but at the same time there is a head chopper from the first hill.

Its odd because you get better airtime in the front seat, probably because on the top hat the front car is still going fast as it peaks but by the time the whole train is up there its not going as fast.

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Apollo's Chariot, by far. Especially 3rd or 4th row. And while I don't think the side you sit on determines the amount of actual air time you get, I still think the left side gives the best over-all ride. And I usually say that about most B&Ms. No idea why that is...

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Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, Virginia.


Many amazing humps, and it's very very smooth and comfortable.



As for the best single moment airtime I've experienced? Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. The really long hump coming out of the 2nd drop is pure sex.

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