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  1. no I have not. Have you ever given a wet willie to someone?
  2. I had no school today. All of NW Indiana, No School. And chicago was also. First snow day in like three years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!!!!! More snow still fallin!!!!!!!!!! Expecting 4-6in still!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already got a 2 hour delay tomorrow. possibly school cancellation.!!!!!!!!!!! Just prayin. Blowin snow supposed to be a problem for tomoorrow all day!!!!!!!!
  3. any song by head automatica, panic at the disco,metallica, any metal songs, and many many many many rap songs. they all suck
  4. Lake central indians spirit wear All right Lady Indians 2nd place Hobart tourney 6th grade girls
  5. This looks pretty cool. Jurassic Park is my favorite movie.
  6. Rob and Amber is the only team i will not be rooting for. They have been on enough tv shows and don't deserve to win more money. I am strongly rooting for ucheena and joyce and the beauty queens.
  7. ^I'm sorry that I can't answer those but I would really like to throw this one out there. A jewelry store was recently robbed. The jewels were discovered hidden in some bushes a couple miles away. Shadow had two suspects, Sam Slug and Slim Shady. Shadow chose not to interrogate either of them. Shadow waited three days and summoned them to his office. Shadow then arrested the guilty man. How did shadow arrest the right man?? It's actually pretty easy.
  8. No. Can you beleive they are removing Son of Beast's loop???
  9. I am thirtenn years old and proud to be 5'9".
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