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  1. That was very well done. It did seem a lot like Roar, but thats a good thing since Roar is a great ride.
  2. Freaking crap beautiful amazingness. The lighting is awesome, I think you should use the blue since its so scary-ish.
  3. Heres a little rocket for you. It has the same layout as other ones but it has a twist or 2. It has mostly custom supports and no bad g's so its good by me. Please enjoy! Sidewinder.nltrack Enjoy! Logo/preview.
  4. I have mine done, but its at my dads house so I won't be able to get it until Monday or Tuesday! Sorry.
  5. You get snow!!! I live in Maryland and I've only gotten 5 minutes of flurries in November! lucky.
  6. You beat my dads time when he ran one in september.
  7. I like war movies...I saw Letters From Iwo Jima. 9/10. Good, but not enough shooting, but it did have a fart joke so its good by my standards . Plenty of people blowing themselves up with grenades though.
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