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  1. Since the announcement is off the homepage, does that mean no more sign-ups and/or open spots for the Mid-West trip?
  2. Holy crap, WHY did I not tell you guys that I was working on Splash Mountain for my College Program?!?! AND how did I not know that Reed was on this form, because he was TOTALLY one of my managers. Are you reading this, Reed? Hi! It's Natalie! Anyway, the day you guys were there was my very last day of my program. I'm home now and going through some major Disney withdrawals.
  3. Hey, congratulations! I'm also going to be working at Disney next year. I just got accepted into their College Program in operations, and DANG I'm excited. I'll be there from January through May, though, so it sounds like we'll just miss each other.
  4. Apollo's Chariot, by far. Especially 3rd or 4th row. And while I don't think the side you sit on determines the amount of actual air time you get, I still think the left side gives the best over-all ride. And I usually say that about most B&Ms. No idea why that is...
  5. B&M - I've enjoyed all of these that I've been on. Sure, some were better than others, but I don't have the heart to label one of them as the "worst." GCI - Wildcat at HersheyPark. There aren't enough sports bras in the world... Intamin - I've only been on Volcano: the Blast Coaster and Storm Runner, and they were both AWESOME.
  6. Only, if you go with the last one, be sure to add another 'a' after the 't' (there's a joke about T&A in there somewhere, but I'll let you guys come up with it on your own). I can't imagine being called nat-lee. Natalie "there are three syllables in my name" Visage
  7. Congratulations you guys! I hope this isn't too personal (ignore it if it is), but how far along are you?
  8. I just did a Photo TR about Dorney a few days ago. It's not overly detailed, but it might give you some idea of what to expect. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30163&start=0 (Dorney is in the second batch of pictures).
  9. True, I just moved to NC, but TN has been my home for the last 20 years, so Dollywood is still considered my home park for now. And come on peoples....Thunderhead. What more can I say? Thunderhead.
  10. ^^Hydra was fun, but nothing out of this world. Of course, since it was closed down again shortly after I rode it, I was only able to ride the one time in the front. The back could be a whole nother experience for all I know. The Jo-Jo Roll was great, as well as the whole floorless aspect, but beyond that I suppose there was nothing overly special about the coaster. Also, it didn't seem as smooth as most other B&Ms. But since this is B&M we're talking about, I still wouldn't call it "rough" either. But let's remember that, to me, B&M hangs the moon, so while Hydra may not make my top 10, I still thought it was great. Natalie "I love me some B&M" Visage
  11. Good thing CF doesn't own Busch Gardens, else they'd have put cages around each car of Apollo's Chariot after the Goose-Meets-Fabio incident.
  12. Well, my mom is the same way pretty much. She can't go on rides that go in circles, too high, or upside down. Else, she gets nauseous. BUT, I got her to try taking ginger pills (Mythbusters anyone?) and I was able to get her on SooperDooperLooper at Hershey and Laser at Dorney without a problem. Plus, she rode all the woodies, wild mice, and the mine train. And I'm sure she could have handled the kiddie coasters as well, but she said it was much more fun to watch me make a fool of myself.
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