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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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. A good piece of airtime often unnoticed is in the back seat on the Vortex at Kings Island you get launched into the harnesses back there give it a try.


I was waiting for someone to mention that .

Best air on a steely (floater): Vortex (PKI)

Best air on a steely (Ejector): Millienium Force. TTD has a nice pop aswell, but I only felt it during half of my rides. Gemini is pretty nice too, if you count it as steel...

Casualties (steel): King Cobra. I never knew stand up coasters could have so much air(I mean, aside from Vortex (apparently PKI knows how to do steel airtime right)) :shock: Seriously...there was air:

*right before the helix (which you float into)

*the hill into the trick-track

*the bunnys at the end...

Best air on a woodie (floater): Cyclops, no contest. Not only does the last drop pull a number, the first one floats (me atleast) over the seat divider....

Best air on a woodie (ejector): I'll have to get back to this one later...Its a close tie between Cyclops, HP Wildcat, and Blue Streak...

Casualties (wood): Beast, and the offspring FOR NOT HAVING ANY AIR AT ALL!!! I mean, its a hyper, and a woodie...its basically built for airtime if those 2 parts worked like they should....


Jared "PKI steels own for airtime" Becker

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^I didn't think TTD had much airtime at all. It's still a great ride, even without the airtime.


Anyways, here are my nominations:


Wood: Viper, Outlaw (only in front/back cars), American Eagle (front car forwards, back car backwards.)


Steel: Superman: Ride of Steel (SFNE), ShieKra (back car), Raging Bull (Back few cars.)

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When you are released from the tower you do a fair amount of floating on Deja Vu. It's much more noticeable in the back.


Oh, I don't think I ever responded to the original question:


Ride of Steel @ SFNE, Apollos and Nitro for steel

Phoenix, Rampage and Boulder Dash for wood

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^How does Deja Vu give you airtime? :?

S:TE is the ride with the most airtime I've been on. For those people who don't know how to ride it, I'll be happy to teach you!

Brent "just curl into a little ball" Shenton 8)


deja vu gives airtime the exact same way superman the escape does. a freefall from the top of a vertical tower, jeez, its the exact same concept yet on one you say it's your best and the other you don't even think it gives airtime.


but ill second the motion for S:TE having best.

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For wood, I have to say the best airtime I've experienced has been on Raven. But the most enjoyable for me was Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake. The return trip is great through all the small hills.


For steel, my favorite will always be Apollo's Chariot, but Magnum also kicks, (esp. at the end).

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Apollo's Chariot


Millennium Force (that drop has great airtime no matter where you sit)

Raging Bull (bunny hill after MCBR)

Deja Vu

Magnum XL-200 (come on those bunny hills on the return)

Hypersonic XLC (I got great airtime on the hill, even with the trims)









Thunder Run


Im sure I forgot a few, but yeah...

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Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)


There are many that used to have great airtime but it is now gone. Here is some airtime casualties:


Beast (2nd hill - gone)


Mighty Canadian Mine Buster

Bluestreak (Cedar Point)

Comet (Hersheypark)


Just curious as to when the beast EVER had air on the second hill?


And when was the last time you rode Blue Streak? The thing has some massive ejector air the last couple of years really really massive.

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I'm coming in very late on this thread, but I shall throw in my two cents.

I think overall S:RoS at SFNE has the best airtime. It's the only coaster to make me scream involuntarily!

I also think Kennywood's Jackrabbit has the single most insane pop of airtime ever on it's doubledown. I was seriously a good 6 inches out of my seat as we hit that drop!

I'd also agree that Thunder Run has the best air of any woodie I've ridden, with GASM coming in second.



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