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  1. I think parking at sfne is like fifteen bucks but i could be wrong. Hope it helps. Have fun on your trip!
  2. I had braces for about two and a half years, and they weren't that bad. The only things i really didn't like were getting them on, getting them off, and wearing headgear everynight for about a year. that was a big pain. but other than that, braces aren't that big of a deal.
  3. My mid-year exams aren't til next week. FUN, FUN!
  4. i'll be going to my friend's house for a big party. should be fun. it was a lot of fun last year.
  5. my last concert was last summer. i saw The Darkness play. it was just ok. i plan on going to a few concerts this winter.
  6. I went on one of those this summer at a fair near my house. It's okay for a spinning flat ride, but made me sick.
  7. El Toro! Most of these coasters look awesome it's just that el toro is the only "new for 2006" coaster ill probably be riding next year.
  8. Out of the coasters ive been on, S:RoS at sfne has the most airtime.
  9. o man the series between the yanks and sox is gonna be awesome. can't wait. hope the yanks pull through (they usually do). o and i've been a yankees fan for as long as i can remember. even before i learned about the curse of the bambino and why everyone in New England hates the yankees.
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