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  1. I believe the girl sitting behind Robb also does a pretty good job of describing the situation too!
  2. Thanks for the great photos Robb. Happy Valley is truly incredible...it seems like actual ride construction is almost secondary to the theming! It also looks like Kristen is becoming a celebrity in her own right over there.
  3. This trip looks awesome...as they all do! But I'm really waiting to see more of Happy Valley!
  4. You have got to be kidding!! The museum is a frickin' amusement park...SF is the imitator, if I ever got my kids to that place they would probably have to drag me out kickin' and screamin'!
  5. Thanks Beeja! I am so going to get to Europe someday. I am so engrossed by it all. There are so many rides you have over there that I'd love to see at a place like Holiday World, (the jet skis, supersplash, and few others for that matter!) Small parks just rock!
  6. I think coaster technology has hit it's limit...at least as far as what most parks will be willing to spend. I think launch coasters are seeing their demise, much like 400' + coasters did over the last few years. We'll see more spiral/vertical lift systems to cut down on space and cost. With the economy the way it is, and park attendance continually dropping, ect. I think smaller steel coasters like Steel Hawg may begin dominating the scene in years to come, as well as, woodies more the size of Ravine Flyer II.
  7. It's killin' me to see these TR's knowing I should be with you all right now. But maybe next year will work out better. Have an awesome time!
  8. Thanks for the update SixFlagsGuy, I too am glad I didn't die trying to get that credit...that would've been an almost embarrasing way to die! But the Disko sale I just don't understand. As far as the Parthenon indoor section that was easily one of the longer lines we waited in at the park, that ride was super popular with people. That must've been a truly irresistable deal from that mexican buyer.
  9. Yeah, me and my daughter will always remember that ride as the "do-it-yourself" water coaster since we had to push ourselves most of the way to and from the coaster itself. I think it was said very well earlier when someone said it was pointless, but did they get wet! I getting off the ride thinking, "It may take me a couple days just to dry off from this stupid thing!" It felt like we were totally submerged when we hit the bottom...heck, on that ride, we may have been totally underwater.
  10. Maybe you're blessed over in PA to have carnival ride operators that have good reputations, but right across the state line in Ohio, we aren't so fortunate. Our ride operation companies have the reputation you defend so heavily...and they deserve it! In the past 2-3 years we've had 5 incidents on carnival rides in Ohio, (that I can think of) that have resulted in injuries or in two cases death. 1. A kid was struck and killed by the gondola of the state fairs giant frisbee ride. 2. Two incidents where ferris wheel cars came loose and dropped people to the ground, (one resulted in death after several days in critical condition, and that was just last fall if I remember right). 3. A Scrambler/Sizzler ride had an arm come loose and slam into the retaining barriers. 4. And a kiddie swing ride that dropped to the ground from about 2-3 feet, (I don't think there were actually in injuries just some really upset parents, and crying kids). Now, not all these incidents are from the same company. But a couple were from the same co., and were given a slap on the wrist. Our inspections in Ohio are done by the states aggricultural dept., and there is no way they are present for every carnival set-up. With all of the events this state has during a weeks time they would have to have a huge dept. to cover every event. And to say that carnivals have more regular inspections than established amusement parks is a little far to go. Also, on the subject that the carnies are so much more attentive....pleeaassee. I can't can't count the amount of times I've been on the rides at our carnivals when the operator has walked off for a smoke, or to talk to another worker while were on the ride! Sorry, a King's Island ride-op can't walk off for a smoke while people are on a ride. Lastly, it's been 4-5 years ago that it was a major deal, but there was all kinds of controversey about the carnival circuits around the US. Namely that rides weren't getting inspected in a timely manner, and that many rides that were condemned by the states inspectors were getting renamed, repainted, getting the serial numbers taken off, and being put back in operation in other states. So once again, maybe you're blessed in PA, but the reputation many, (but not all), carnival operators have is accurate.
  11. Astroworld seemed rundown even back in the early part of the decade. I remember it from TPR Vol. 1 or 2, and it looked pretty terrible on that video. Sorry, my bad on the MOA thing, hopefully Nickolodeon Universe will be it's last name change for quite a while. This list just gets more hilarious by the minute.
  12. I just hope KI does whatever they have to do to remedy this situation quickly. Channel 9 has a tendency to really sink it's teeth into KI when things go wrong, (I know, surprise...they are the media!). But they really go for the throat when it's KI. Just look back at how they went after KI after the SOB accident. They were really out to get at KI, esp. one of their former reporters who caused all kinds of problems. If I remember right, he was quickly cut loose from Channel 9.
  13. As someone who has spent a majority of my life around this park, I'm embarrased! After reading what they live with, and sleep on, ect. I think about one shelter my church has worked with over the years up in Dayton. The homeless at this shelter have regular twin beds, night stands, table and chairs, and a bathroom, (granted it was a former hotel), but still. I read this article and find out that these kids first impression of our country are air matresses and cardboard boxes as tables! I hope KI will do what they can ASAP to remedy this, and in the future take a more personal hold on this situation. Not just dish it off to another company to take care of things.
  14. These come out every once in a while, top tens from/for the general public. I found this link through a news story on my Yahoo news. I can't help but feel Holiday World & Dollywood among others are missing from this list, but see for yourselves!... http://www.citysearch.com/feature/37203 I don't know of the date for this article, (though it says 2008 at the bottom), but they need to do some research on some things, such as... - Mall Of America's park is now the "Park At MOA" not "Camp Snoopy". - I know Cleveland is probably the closest major city to CP, but it's still 55-60 miles away from Cleveland.
  15. ^ Yeah Terrence, what you did to the Peanuts was disturbing, but fricking hilarious at the same time. I'll have to grab the Kleenex, because I remember laughing so hard last time that I literally cried.
  16. These reports have been so awesome so far, I so wish that I could be there...and as I always say, "Maybe...someday, I'll get there!". - There are so many things about this trip that have been so much fun to see so far. Never get tired of seeing Zeus in panties! It's sounds like it could be another movie, I mean we already have Men in Tights! - Plus, I love the way so many parks are starting to incorparate photography and visual imagery to get the riders involved, (such as the mad house and the Simpsons, and to some extent the Dark Knight coasters). - Kidtums has been adorable, and the pics at the Eiffel Tower are classic. - And as I said in an earlier comment, some of these parks have been so unique and crazy, they are almost irresistable.
  17. Wow...just wow! Those are two of the most whacked out, but totally cool parks I've ever seen.
  18. I'd forgotten all about Hypersonic, I guess that can be easy to do for some people like me. I think the most memorable things about that ride were the launch...which was pretty sweet, and then the break run...which nearly killed me. The vertical hill really didn't do much for me.
  19. ^ Areed Thom25...I've only rode one S&S coaster so far, and that was Avalanche @ Timber Falls, (Wisconsin Dells)...and it's still one of the best I've ever personally rode. When I was there with my daughter last year we couldn't get enough of it, (15 straight rides before took a break that night, we ended with 23 in all). http://rcdb.com/ig2588.htm
  20. Coastermania is CP's annual event that happens in the beginning of June each year. It's an awesome enthusiasts event, usually draws a couple thousand, at least. It's a very full day, (we usually get to the gates at around 5am that Friday and won't leave until close to/or beyond midnight...yeah, about 18-19 hours!). But it always has a morning and evening ERT, plus a nice mid-afternoon lunch, and Q&A time with park management. They went all out this year with free sweatshirts, refillable cups, coffee/donuts, and evening snacks. The ERT's are just awesome though. If you have passes like we do, the event is free, if not, it still costs less than a reg. days admission to CP. YOU DO have to be a member of an accepted coaster club, (such as ACE), or know somebody who is, since they usually allow one guest for each club member, (I think). There aren't really any tickets for the event, you show up with your coaster club card or the person who's gonna piggy-back you, and then your pass or admission. A little tip...we always stay on-property so if we get tired after lunch, we can exit to our CP resort, (whichever one you choose, except Breaker's Express or Castaway Bay, they'll wanna charge you for parking again since it's off-property!). It gives you a nice break to able to go take a nap, go to the beach, or take a swim! Try and make it some time, it really is a memorable event! And yes, Mantis is a stand-up...a very intense stand-up!
  21. ^ I won't pass judgement on it. I think this thing looks totally incredible...can't wait to head up that way in August. Wasn't it being put in around Cornball & the log flume? 'Cause that area was looking tight already, but then again, this is the type of challenge IB has been facing for years. They've always come through again and again, if there's anybody who can make it work it'll be IB.
  22. Keep it up Big Mike! These trip reports are awesome, didn't know about either one of these little parks you just visited. ^And when you're heading for KI drop me a line too!
  23. Congrats Big Mike! I feel so humbled in your prescence...I'll be happy when I finally hit 200. I'm seemingly stuck at 133 right now, and will probably only add two more this season. And by the way, Congrats also to your Red Wings...I'm an Anaheim Ducks fan, and I have to admit we cheered for the Penguins to win...but the Wings once again proved their prowess, and proved they deserved that cup again!
  24. It looks like we may be heading up to the Dells again for a few days in August, if so, this will be a stop at some point. This ride looks so unique and fun! And if it works out well for IB I could see this coaster style/design being a very viable option for parks who have somewhat smaller budgets. Even better, it could be a great little coaster for parks that are tight on space...like Indiana Beach, (can you believe how small the footprint is for this coaster?!)
  25. Thanks for clearing that up, I was also wondering how that was going to work. I hope both of these parks get up and running completely, it seems like such a waste right now! Siam is moving in the right direction in a lot of areas, they have some good, basic coasters. And the flats, there seems to be a lot of Huss there, which is a good thing to me. Wonderworld looks like it could be so nice. It just seems like it's going in the opposite direction. It built up in some areas nicely, but nothing is open or running! Well, once again, I hope they both eventually get up and running
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