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  1. After our trip to some parks in BeNeLux (report will follow perhaps) Timo, Simon, my brother Andreas and I met up to fly to Gothenburg in Sweden. As well-informed coaster fans know there is also a park in the the middle of the city called Liseberg . That was our main reason to do this trip, but we also did some common tourist activities like a trip to the archipelagos (the little isles at the coast) and a sight-seeing tour in the city. At the first day we had our flight in the afternoon and after cheking-in at our hostel we had some time left to explore the city. After some aimless strolling through the streets a big, yellow M glows up, so we decided to try the “Swedish cuisine” there . Full of “delicious” food we went to the coast and had a nice ship tour at sunset. Because we had a really really bad jet-lag , we got back to the hostel and fell asleep with thoughts to the next day… Photos of the first day: The next day Liseberg was on our plan, but we had to wait till 11am before we could start the excessive riding. Enough time for my brother and me to get awake outside at the coast while the other two guys slept like in coma. We went there another time, because we didn’t see that much the last evening. At this morning, the landscape was more beautiful and it looks like you imagined Sweden with the little villages and the little red houses. After getting back to the hostel (Timo and Simon came back to life ) and taking breakfast we made our way to Liseberg at least, quickly bought the ride-band and jumped into the crowds. Our first victim was Balder. I already was at Liseberg in 2006 and I was a little bit disappointed of Balder, because it only has airtime. This time, it wasn’t really better. The first rides are awesome, because of the extreme airtime and the twisty layout with riding through all this wood. But airtime isn’t everything for me, so Balder got boring after some rides. The other three guys found it better, but they also weren’t extremely excited. I loved it more to spend my time round the corner… Balder looks awesome, but behind its facade... There, next to Balder, stands a little coaster which shouldn’t be unterestimated. It’s Kanonen, the smallest Intamin Accelerator. At my first visit it smashed me (in a positive way). I was really excited and this time, Kanonen surprised me again. The powerful launch, cute top hat and the loop are already awesome, but the turnaround is one of the most insane things I saw and rode. The whole coaster is a great adrenaline machine. Not so imposing outside, but inside it shoot adrenaline in your veins… Another great coaster is Lisebergbanen at the hill of Liseberg. It’s not extreme, but the long layout, the speed and the location are unique. It has lots of curves and helices, at the top of the hill and at the hillside. We had big fun at riding through all the trees passing some attractions, especially at night, when some sites are lighted and you’re getting pulled into the darkness with good acceleration. Fun made in Germany… At the hill, there are also many other attractions like a log flume, a pirate ship, S&S towers, a ferris wheel etc. But they have also a novelty, an S&S Screamin’ Swing at the hillside in the middle of the three helices of Lisebergbanen. Only Timo and Simon rode it, because for Andreas and me the ride was too quick, it has horrible crowds and we knew this thing from Thorpe Park. Some photos of the hill… At the bottom of the hill, where Balder and Kanonen stand, are also more attractions (few for children), lots of games and some restaurants. And there is also a big house, a hotel, the Spökhotellet Gasten. It’s a walkthrough with some actors, but it’s not like some other walkthroughs. This one is the best themed I have ever seen. All rooms has completly different themes and you don’t go along some scenes, you are directly in the scenes. You get slayed by details and at the right playces you get scared of the actors in there. After we were out of this hotel, our chins hung on the floor . Only a few photos from downtown Liseberg… At 11pm, after 12 hours, the park closed at least and we had to leave, but it was only a good-bye for some time . At the third day we had some time to do a sight-seeing tour around th city before we flew back to Germany. Because of the bad weather and the fact that the trip will end soon, we weren’t much excited walking in the rain, so I also have a few disordered photos of the city for you. In the afternoon, we took our flight back to home and right into better weather and to the end of a great trip. The photos were taken by my brother and me. If you want to see more photos of Liseberg, you can visit themeparkmedia to watch them. At this homepage you will also find Simon’s video of the trip. We would be glad about some comments about the photos and the video Greetings Daniel
  2. Some new photos at pa-community: http://www.pa-community.com/photoblog/thumbnails.php?album=51 Greetings Daniel
  3. bigdaniel


    Thank you for your help. I hope I can start the exact planning soon and ask here, if I have problems . Greetings Daniel
  4. bigdaniel


    Hello, I want to visit Finland and Särkänniemi, Linnanmäki and Power Park this year. I will go by plane to Tempere, where I already can visit Särkänniemi. What is the best way to go to the other parks? I would go by car, but I don't know if a 21 aged one can rent one in Finland. Somebody knows that? Is it also possible and easy to go by train? Does anyone have some tipps for hotels or other possibilitys for overnight stays? It's not a current subject yet, but when someone has a good advice, I will be glad when you write it here . Greetings Daniel
  5. Nice photos. I'm looking forward to the possible visit this year. If Trombi is bad as Prater's Volare, I have to consider twice if I ride this torture machine . Do you know what's the best time to visit the park (rush, wheather, cheap flights ...)? Is it easy to visit some other finnish parks (Linnanmäki, Power Park) by train or by car? From what age can I rent a car in Finland? I never do anything like that. Greetings Daniel
  6. Yes, some peoplae asked me/us. It depends on the situation if I/we let them go. There are more persons who let us in front of them. The strangest one was at the Rock 'n' Rollercoaster line in the WDS in Paris. A guy asked me to change his place with mine so he could go at the front of the train. He offered 5€ for that. Greetings Daniel
  7. I want to visit Port Aventura again, the two parks in Madrid and some parks in skandinavia, my favourite area in Europe . I don't have any special coaster that I have to ride, but it would be nice to ride Toverland's GCI woodie, my favourite woodie Zeus and Furious Baco. I also don't have a count goal. Greetings Daniel
  8. After the opening in April there almost was a bird lying on the nets... Isn't it dangerous to ride the bird killer? I mean you can hit by a bird at your face when you have bad luck and that wouldn't feel good. Greetings Daniel
  9. Do you know the Speed Coasters of B&M (Silver Star, Goliath)? Their drops go straight down though there are some which have a pre-drop. I love the first drop of Black Mamba which doesn't go straight down but it has great airtime at some seats. Greetings Daniel
  10. The video is great and the coasters are awesome. Good work! I'm really impressed. How long do you need to build a Knex Coaster like Nitro? Greetings Daniel
  11. I heard that Kumbak built the new trains for Stampida. Isn't that right? I only saw this picture: Looks very uncomfortable. Greetings Daniel
  12. That looks awesome! I'm looking forward to my visit next year Nevertheless I hope that the coaster won't destroy the quiet mediterranean atmosphere, but it seems that the themeing and the story are adeqaute for this mediterranean area. Greetings Daniel
  13. Euro Disneyland 1992 Tim found his slide photos of Euro Disneyland from 1992: ©parkbilder.de (Tim) More photos of Euro Disneyland at the homepage Greetings Daniel
  14. Suspended Coaster with corkscrew? Looks funny and dangerous. The video is nice, thank you. Greetings Daniel
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