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  1. My brother just started up his own T-shirt company and is trying to get his shirts sold on PLNDR.com. I would really appreciate it if you could help him out and vote for his shirt, its as simple as clicking on the link and voting. Vote Here
  2. http://mattystivo.tumblr.com/ My main blog, I'm on here all the time constantly re-blogging whatever I feel like. http://mattrestivophotography.tumblr.com/ my other blog, I only post pictures that I have taken on here. I always follow back too.
  3. Thanks! Just a reminder you still have about a month to keep voting!
  4. Thanks guys. All this extra help is greatly appreciated!
  5. Thank you very much. I really appreciate that. And because I did not say this in my original post, I just want everyone to know that you can vote again every 24 hours from casting your previous vote. So in other words you can vote as many times as you want just wait a day to vote again.
  6. I entered a photo contest and hope to win among the thousands of entries. It would be really great if you guys could help me out and vote for my picture. Vote Here Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Ocean Beach Park is a bit of a waste of time to visit. I dont even think there roller coaster works any more. And there kiddie rides are rarely open except for like the carousel. Plus the place is going to be packed since its labor day weekend and if its hot you'll be lucky to even get a spot because the parking lot will probably be filled way before noon. The beaches in that area have been getting there parking lots packed to the max before it even hits 12 o'clock and after that the park is usually shut down till spots open up. It's a nice boardwalk besides those flaws though and the beach is very well kept too. Also while your in the area theres a huge fair up in Woodstock that's really good and can basically be considered Connecticut's State Fair. There's quite a few good rides too and the places is huge. Just thought I'd give you a few little details about things to do in Southeastern Connecticut. Plus if you have some extra time there's a lot of great other things to do in the area such as the Mohegan Sun casino and Mystic. But being in that area is a great time and even if the rides aren't open the park is still a nice place to be at.
  8. Sorry about that advertisement it wasn't there for me the first time I posted it but it should be all fixed now. And I know that Six Flags didn't remove the ride so you could get a better view of Minderaser I was just saying how there is actually a better view of the backside of that ride now that the octopus is gone. Just a little mix-up there.
  9. Haven't posted in awhile but I thought I would share my trip to Six Flags New England. So I went to Six Flags the other day for the first time since 2007 and it was a pretty good day. Lines were short due to the weather scaring everyone away despite it didn't rain once and the sun even came out for a little while. Bizzaro was just freaking amazing and I was able to get a couple rides in. The ride was running very well and all the enhancements made the ride so much better. The seats were also a lot more comfortable than before and don't hurt you around the legs as the old ones did. The soundtrack was pretty good to and fit well with all the elements that were featured on the ride and I thought it was a unique take on a soundtrack for a ride where most other coasters who have onboard audio use a music track but this soundtrack told a story throughout the whole ride using clips from movies, etc. And I must say I sat in the back for the first time on the ride and sitting back there was so much better than sitting in the middle of the train where I usually sit. I also got a few rides in on Batman too. The first ride of the day was a bit rough because we were in the front but when we went back later in the day we sat in the very last row which actually gave us a very smooth ride and a lot smoother ride than sitting in the front. Mind Eraser was worse then I remembered with a lot more head banging then I remember and it also gave me a headache when I got off. The park I think would do them selves a favor by putting on the new trains. Cyclone was a lot worse then the last time I rode it. Not because of roughness but the fact that they had trims on just about every hill and even on the corners to so the ride was pretty pointless and boring. A new investment in either fixing the ride up so it doesn’t need the trims like calling in GCI to help retrack it or just putting in a new wooden coaster would do the ride some good. Service was very nice but because of light crowds many rides were running one train making some ride waits a little while. My only problem with the park today was the fact that you had to pay to have your bag locked up before you went on Batman, Bizzaro, and Mind Eraser. And I disliked that they got rid of a lot of there adult flat rides and Catapult doesn't help because that ride gave me a headache and wasn't very popular today either and they weren’t even running Tomahawk or rodeo which are better rides in my opinion. Also got some good glimpses of the work being done behind Batman. The area doesnt seem large enough for any significant coaster to be put in there but looks like a large enough area for a nicely themed large flat ride especially since they got rid of quite a few flat rides from the park as I mentioned. A coaster could fit in the area but it would have to be of a wild mouse or spinning coaster size and a spinning coaster is out of the question since they already have one. I wish I could have got some pictures to show but I was not able to bring my bag in the ride area and my camera was too big to bring in my pocket. Or it just might be wishful thinking and all there doing is fixing up employee parking. Now to the pictures: The entrance plaza. The right side of the main street. So obviously first ride of the day was Bizzaro. Notice the dark clouds formed above the ride. That was what the weather was like most of the day. It's just so photogenic. The first drop is just so freaking awesome. Its just so awesome it deserves a second picture. You go through this at the bottom of the first drop. The first airtime hill where you certainly get some airtime in the back. One of the many airtime hills the ride has. The new slingshot. Was going to do it but it wasn't very fast when released so opted out. Next up was Minderaser. Talk about headbanging. First part of the ride. Back part of the ride. After I took this picture I realized that they removed the octopus ride from that area because before that blocked your view of mind eraser as you went from Bizzaro to Wiggles World. And just because I like this picture. The ironic thing is that the only time the sun came during the day was when we were riding Minderaser. Next was Batman. The second ride on this was awesome because we rode it in a light rain which made it a lot of fun. I really love this first drop. The loop. I love the zero g roll its just so cute to look at. The interlocking corkscrews. The relocated chair swings that are now across from Batman. Still have yet to ride this but one of these days I will. Walking to the other side of the park we passed twister. Ended up not riding it because every time we passed it we just ate food. Some nice buildings along the walk across the park. [/url] Some more buildings along the walk across the park. I'm still at Six Flags right? The entrance to the chairlift building. These guys were really entertaining while waiting in line for the chairlift and even got a little crowd going around them. Pandemonium. The line always moves to slow and is too long but Ive rode it before so we just skipped over it. Another view of Pandemonium. Probably would have been a better ride if my head still didnt hurt from Minderaser. Another picture of the ride. Flashback. Not as bad as Minderaser but still a headbanger. Flashback and cyclone in the background. Some of the buildings in Crackaxle Canyon to bad most of the rides were shut down in this area. No were not at Universal but we are at the entrance of Splashwater Falls. Scream. No its not the one thats placed over a parking lot. Still wish the ride was called Hellavator because I like that better, The ride op was so funny that he scared the kids next to us by launching us by surprise. And Im going to end this update with this picture I snapped while crossing the bridge to leave the park. Overall it was a pretty good day and I'm glad the weather held out for day so we could enjoy it.
  10. http://www.coasterforce.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9657
  11. http://www.rollercoasterpro.com/community/showpost.php?p=799&postcount=1 Download is at the bottom of the post.
  12. Ok first things first the turnaround is way to high off the ground. And the banked turn before the last three airtime hills doesn't go up in the air it goes underground. Other wise with the restrictions of RCT2 its an alright version of it.
  13. Don't keep using the same roof type and colors. Also cover the food courts and create and entrance building. Otherwise nice start.
  14. ^^Wow thats weird. I guess I'm going to see if it works for me now.
  15. I think this slide is crazy: http://www.valcartier.com/page.aspx?GP=166&SID=185&LA=EN The best part about it is in the winter it actually turns into a slide that you can bring your tube on it and ride it. Amazingly in the dips you get some airtime and the angle of the decent is alot steeper looking then what the pictures show. If your ever in the area in any of the seasons you definitely need to ride this. Here is a picture of it during the winter: http://www.valcartier.com/page.aspx?GP=223&SID=240&LA=EN
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