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  1. Hey! that's me! haha, it was great to meet you, dude! Feel free to stop by Star Tours anytime! If I'm there, I might just give you the hookup yet again.. ooohh... enticing...
  2. glad to see you guys had fun at one of my home parks! i hope i can get a chance to see you next time you're around this area!
  3. THAT'S BRADLEY in that picture!! he's one of my 2 favorite SFGAm employees!!!!
  4. For those of you who've been to Moosejaw Lodge at Wisconsin Dells.. was it NOT the best restaurant you've ever been to? And those mozarella sticks? WTF? Who wraps Mozarella cheese in Egg Roll-type shells?? Can we say freaking AMAZING? Anyone else agree? What are your thoughts? FOOD. It's good.
  5. Millennium Force has, by far, the best promo I've ever seen!
  6. I actually just rode Avalanche for the first time yesterday! It was a suprisingly good coaster!
  7. Yeah I totally understand that. Except in about 2 weeks, they won't be my homeparks anymore. I'm moving to Florida on the 12th.. and so I'd be wanting to come back home to Illinois to see family and friends sometime next year in the summer, so if I can arrange it, i'd make it around the same time as this trip. That way I can kill 2 birds with one stone. But yeah, I definitely understand about it not being fair to reserve a spot if I'm not sure if I can go.. I'm going to look into that as soon as I get the opportunity. I was just askin..
  8. Midwest? that's MY home territory! if I can manage it with my schedule, I'm definitely going to try and go! Is there a way that we could reserve a spot, pay for it, and then possibly (not saying that I would for sure do this) get a refund when it gets closer to the trip? Just in case I find out at the last minute that I couldn't go? Is that possible, or is it unfair to everyone else? Just curious..
  9. FredLV -- that may be the coolest thing I've ever seen! way to go! it looks great! I'd love to see that thing in person! my friend bought a scorpion kit, but he still hasn't put it together--it looks way too confusing! i'm sure he'll get around to it eventually!
  10. here's one that maybe no one has heard of--- anyone ever seen the movie "A Mighty Wind"? It's a part of a series of Mock-U-Mentaries (The three movies in the series are Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and Waiting for Guffman).. it's a HILARIOUS movie, as well as all the others, and I'd highly recommend seeing them! As far as the coaster cameo--you see..... DEJA VU!!! I can't tell which park it's in, I'm thinking it might be the one at SFGAm.. but I'm not quite sure. So yeah, check out that movie! It's a hilarious movie--with a coaster cameo! Does it get much better??
  11. I agree - and its simply called "Double Shot" YES!!! Double Shot is amazing! You're definitely not in the minority! That second fall is quite possibly the best ejector airtime EVER.
  12. you guys looked like you had a lot of fun! nice photo TR!
  13. comin' to this topic a bit late.. but whatever! My favorites for airtime would be: VOYAGE! (holy freakin' CRAP that ride gives amazing airtime) Viper @ SFGAM Magnum Nitro Cornball Express (and yes, I'm going to agree with colincoon--) Corkscrew @ CP! Weird, huh?
  14. hahah that's awesome! congratulations for getting all those cool points!
  15. PLEASE tell me that line when you said "ooh its a snake! a snake!!" was from the "badger badger" video online?!?! you would get 92034234 cool points if it's true..
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