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  1. That was very well done. It did seem a lot like Roar, but thats a good thing since Roar is a great ride.
  2. Freaking crap beautiful amazingness. The lighting is awesome, I think you should use the blue since its so scary-ish.
  3. Heres a little rocket for you. It has the same layout as other ones but it has a twist or 2. It has mostly custom supports and no bad g's so its good by me. Please enjoy! Sidewinder.nltrack Enjoy! Logo/preview.
  4. I have mine done, but its at my dads house so I won't be able to get it until Monday or Tuesday! Sorry.
  5. You get snow!!! I live in Maryland and I've only gotten 5 minutes of flurries in November! lucky.
  6. You beat my dads time when he ran one in september.
  7. I like war movies...I saw Letters From Iwo Jima. 9/10. Good, but not enough shooting, but it did have a fart joke so its good by my standards . Plenty of people blowing themselves up with grenades though.
  8. Well if any of you actually watched they would have only have gotten radiation sickness and died from the half mile diameter of the explosion.
  9. Yes but most of the time its only with one hand while the other is holding the phone. Do you like DDR?
  10. I like cheese if thats what you mean/. Like fondue? (more cheese)
  11. Go with the standard ones that have the logo and stuff or react orange and silver ones. They both have adapters for Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation. My family loves this game but I don't like. Mostly becuase I suck at it.
  12. That looks pretty good, especially the Mayan territory. For that queue maybe use posts from Hngr71 and the roof peices from the jurrasic scenery that comes with wild.
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