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  1. So far the fire spans about 8 blocks, and has spread to some residential areas. From an NBC reporter's twitter.
  2. The Fantasy is on it's way to the States! A few "horn errors" included
  3. Really? After everything that's been discussed in this thread, you honestly think they are just putting up structure with no plan. Making this up as they go along? Wow.
  4. I guess you didn't follow hockey when the Penguins almost had to move to a different city because they had no fans? Or when Capitals average attendance was significantly lower than league average for years before Ovechkin? Hell, even 3 years ago, they were the bottom 3 in the NHL in average attendance! Thats loyalty alright.
  5. Wow, what a shame. To have someone go that suddenly and that young is never fair. Thoughts and prayers to the Koch family.
  6. Check out what happens when you Google "world cup" Haha, Google, you so sneaky.
  7. ^^^^^ That has to be one of the world's best trolls. I refuse to believe society has slipped that far.
  8. That video settles it for me. A bunch of stupid people stormed the stage in the name of "being rebellious" and got what was coming to them. SF security did nothing wrong in my eyes. Hopefully that mace killed some of those kids' sense of entitlement.
  9. ^ As much as I can't stand Crosby, he has my respect. He really has grown up over the years. Leading a team to a Cup and a Gold Medal isn't an accident. Sure, he still has his "moments" but honestly, very few players don't have that anymore. The being said, Go Flyers!! Show 'em how its done in Canada!
  10. Currently playing Mass Effect 2. For anyone who hasn't played this game yet I highly recommend it. One of the best games I ever played. And really damn challenging on insanity mode
  11. Are you excited? Because frankly, I'd get ready to punch them in the face. Multiple times. Only excited since i'd never think I would see their insanity in person
  12. The Westboro Baptist Church is coming to my school in April to protest their production of Rent!
  13. ^ Actually, the Bears beat the Steelers. The Eagles lost to the Saints
  14. ^ If Mcnabb isn't back by the time Vick is eligible to play again, I doubt the Eagles would start him right away. He hasn't had nearly enough time to prepare for that big of a role.
  15. ^ ^Straight from KD's twitter, seems like more than just a rumor from some employee.
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