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  1. Sorry, forgot to ask one thing, how much should we expect to pay for drinks such as wine and orange juice at bars and restaurants and how much could we be spending on other extras? Thanks Again!
  2. Hey There, Me and my family are going on a Royal Caribbean Cruise in the Med on the Independence on the 14th of August. Just had a few questions, thought I'd ask here as you seem to go on RCI quite a bit! Just wanted to know... When we should be able to get on and off the boat on the first and last day of the cruise? What sort of entertainment we should except onboard? Information about dinning such as how busy is the buffet and which of the speciality restaurants are worth it? Would you recommend the excursions and if so what kind on ones would be best value and most interesting? Also any other information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot for your suggestions guys, I will probably end up staying onsite. Thanks again
  4. Hey, I have a few questions about a trip to florida. The trip would be part of a USA trip in summer 2009. 1. First which do you think would be best, 3nights in the Royal Pacific hotel at Universal or 4nights off site on i-drive? 2. How should I spend my time in the area? A bit of info to help with the answer, I only really want to be visiting parks in the i-drive area, I prefer big rides and also like water parks but not too much. I dont want to spend too much time travelling around either. Thanks for the help!
  5. Nice report and photos, looks like you guys had an awsome day. Cool big hand things too, you should have taken the whole bag!
  6. This is great news, hopefully now Flamingo Land will get rid of theirs too and put something worth while in instead!
  7. Hey, Awsome pictures and trip reports, im going to thorpe park next week and am just wondering does the shuttle bus pick you up right outside Staines station? Thanks. Again great TR.
  8. You can tell its fake because they wouldn't haver put any people on the coaster during the escape, plus the people in the train kept changing! Spooky...
  9. Great photos, it's good to see even more good trip reports from the Europe trip and I hope there are many to come.
  10. This thing looks sweet. The Gerstlauer launch coasters seem to be quite an up and coming thing at the moment which I think is good.
  11. I would recommened contacting the park it's self. Im sure they will be the best people to point you in the right direction to buying your ticket's. Make sure you tell them what country you live in. Hope this helps!
  12. Awsome photo round up big mike. You guys looked to have a crazy good time in Europe. I so want to come on a TPR trip soon... ...maybe in the UK
  13. Well it does look ok, I guess I would want to ride it to see how it is. I think it's one of those coasters that you don't know if it's good of not just by the video.
  14. That's just stupid, who do they think they are, god? They shouldn't be able to get a US trademark on a type of coaster, especially when they have already been built in Europe. Its not fair to the competition either!
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