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  1. hey there thanks a lot! we will be going either on the 3rd/4th or the 7th/8th. Anyway, should be fun. Thanks for the input!
  2. Hi, thanks you two! Yeah I remember that at the end of January 06 all coaster were open at IOA, but I think Montu was closed. We would have to hit up IOA/BGA between 12/28/07 and 01/14/08. I guess we'll just give it a shot. Take care
  3. Hi all does anybody have information regarding ride closures/inspections for BGA and Universal? I'm having a friend from Germany over at my place in January and she'd like to go there. Thanks in advance and have a nice day
  4. let somebody with a FL id buy it for you. i think the busch gardens funcard (buy one come back all year) is for FL residents only right? i bought one for a friend of mine when he was visiting so that we were able to go back to bga multiple times during his visit.
  5. I went to BGA yesterday. I really don't know what to think about SheiKra being floorless. Sure, it's pretty cool for the front row, but the other two rows don't really benefit from it IMHO. especially the two seats in the middle of the 2nd/3rd row... and why didn't they build a front-row-only queue... would save a lot of time if you're not waiting for the front.
  6. Miami, Florida -- Universal I guess (cant count boomers as a park imho)
  7. waiting is fine as long as the lines keep moving.
  8. if you're just interested in the coasters, you can easily hit all seven B&Ms in one day with re-rides
  9. also went to boomers today: airtime? jup. thanks to funny lapbars.
  10. i hate harry potter. but it reminded of this which made me laugh once again. hehe.
  11. i absolutely hate the walkpath-system (can't think of another word to describe right now) at BGA. It takes you like an hour to get from SheiKra to Montu...
  12. btw: "This picture was taken by a Lifeflight helicopter flying over Lake Istapoka, FL. That's a whole deer." source: http://www.collegehumor.com/picture:1755013
  13. changes like every 5 minutes... here are a few of the pictures. not all of em tho. pics all taken by myself.
  14. Ok, sorry but if this incident doesn't deserve a gunlaw discussion then I'd like to ask you what else has to happen before a gunlaw discussion is appropriate?!
  15. Yeah well I expected something like that. Thanks a lot dude!
  16. Hi all, since I'm going to Ohio in June (Cedar Point, Kings Island etc) I was looking for admission prices. A Cedar Fair maxx pass @ CP/KI is $125, but a Cedar Fair maxx pass @ Carowinds is only about $90. Can I buy the one from Carowinds online and go to CP/KI straight away or do I have to "activate" it at Carowinds or something (which I won't be able to do)? Best, Stefan
  17. i rode everything i wanted to, that's not the point. i just didn't like the park. can't really say why. on the other side, i thought the boomerang was kinda smooth compared to others.
  18. i went there last september and i only spent about two hours in the park... ok it was raining as hell, but i thought the park was just very disappointing.
  19. but what's the reason behind the drop? any ideas? i mean... they got a pretty good collection of coasters etc. too expensive? i have no idea...
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