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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Cedar Fair actually bought it a few years down the road if it's doing well.
  2. I believe those are just being parked there for the moment. In the renderings, that's unused space just to the left of one of the RV spot areas.
  3. KI Haunt's Dead Awakening (2007 and 2008) and Hot Blooded (2009 until a couple years ago, with one off-year) were both fantastic.
  4. Really getting down into the 50-year-old (factoring in the time period it was built) base structure and ledgers for the Racer trackwork, total ledger-up retrack in these parts for the first time ever. https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1340839529872240641 https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1344339493965455361
  5. Yeah, they've enclosed the sides of the FOF outdoor queue area instead of it just being open, and are apparently increasing the amount of space that was formerly switchbacks for additional locker area, so there's less lanes outside the main building than before. Firehawk's old maze has been altered and connected in so any excess queue for FOF doesn't spill out and congest the midway, because while it is somewhat uncommon for FOF to need much outdoor queue space, Orion being right there will certainly increase the ridership since it'll be exiting right by the FOF entrance, and it'll probably need that excess queue capacity for a while at least on the busy days. Regarding the state of the Vortex plot, this recent drone video shows the rather trampled-looking empty terrain being fenced in. They seem to want to basically bury Vortex at this point because the only mention since closing day was the addition of Vortex as a Nanocoaster Classic, and a limited commemorative ornament during WinterFest that used the same logo from the station banners and the Final Crew badges. They had said they might sell parts, like how they did the SOB track plaques and bolts, but nothing seems to have come from that. Maybe they think it would detract from promoting Orion or something.
  6. Orion got used by the NIMBYs to start complaining about noise again... https://www.wvxu.org/post/kings-island-taking-steps-respond-neighbors-noise-concerns#stream/0 Orion's rails were sand-filled from fabrication, but now they're going to be working on a project to add sand into Diamondback's spine in some areas of the ride.
  7. Since the cams have been down, they've installed the next lift support and three-section track assembly to the climb, and today so far they've installed at least one major support assembly for the drop, in addition to the "backbone" spine from there to the ground which includes one track section of the drop itself.
  8. That's how the gigas are built yeah, the track is the structure for the entire crest.
  9. Webcams are apparently down for a software system problem, and could be a few days potentially. The white crane was in the air today and seen from the highway placing the next lift structure, while the red crane was working over by the first drop.
  10. Yesterday I thought that was just a couple sections of track that had been assembled and laid over there, but in better light today I realized it was the base of the drop. Probably trying to get everything they can with the small cranes into place, which won't be much more since they've got a bunch of gravel built up for the crane's "pad" over there (at least for the lift and surrounding area, not sure where they'll park it for further out sections).
  11. You know, being right on the Coney midway and having that classic design feel to it, I think the station would be a nice venue to be converted into an in-park history museum. They could even leave that small fixed part of Vortex track that leads into the "shed" part in place alongside the old Bat footer right next to it. It would fit right in with how they've paid homage to past rides in the Antique Autos theming.
  12. I am genuinely shocked. I was so relieved when Firehawk was revealed to be the one leaving in last year's "funeral" scene because the wording could also apply to Vortex, and then now they just announce Vortex departing a month out without anyone having had any hint it would be leaving, or at least not for a few more years at least. I've never known KI without Vortex, it's one year older than me. One of my earliest memories from the park was watching it wind around, and the back of the park will never sound the same again without that signature Arrow chain lift. I hope the station is kept and used for something, and whatever takes over that plot of land will be a suitable replacement.
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