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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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El Toro, Phoenix, Diamondback, Ravine Flyer II, Magnum (gotta love the long airtime hill after the second drop, I think my favorite moment of sustained floater air on any coaster), Maverick, Phantom's Revenge, Nitro, Jack Rabbit at Kennywood (gotta love the double down!), Storm Runner (Airtime in inversions, gotta love it!)


Probably in that order give or take.

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I had some amazing airtime in El Toro back row. I also had a nice pop of air time on Kingda Ka when I rode in the first car. Also, Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags America also has some awesome airtime hills...Too bad most of the ride is helixes.

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I have a top 5 lol.


1.) Cyclops's first 2 little dips after the first drop and obviously, Mid-Ride Drop

2.) Any Hill on Timber Terror

3.) American Eagle's first 2 hills while in car 5, non-wheel seat, Blue side.

4.) Any Hill on Tremors

5.) New Mexico Rattler's Drop into second covered valley.

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