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  1. ^^Dude, where on Maverick were you sitting? I was there too, in the second to front row of the train that was going into the station (I was one of the 4 people in the shade !)
  2. Lets say I am in line for NTAG. If the line is all the way to the entrance sign, how long will I be waiting? Also, are there any water fountains in line?
  3. Hmm.. Interesting. I think Eiffel Tower will be a popular ride this summer.
  4. Help, anyone know whats going on? This happens ONLY on B&M brake segments, and no other track segments/types. I have the latest (2012) iMac, it just started happening recently. I have rebooted, but it didn't change anything. These things happen on all B&M brake sections Inside view Also this happened while I was taking the screenshots, nowhere near a break section
  5. Something to ad to this is that that bridge has been for a long time, at least since my visit on December 18 of last year. It wouldn't bother me though if they took it out, the MF trains newness effect has worn off and is back to being a downright painful woodie, the world could use some more RMC love.
  6. I am looking for a good screen recorder for No limits on a Mac. The in game cam only records at 30 fps when my computer gets 400+ in the sim normally. Are there any better HD screen recorders that work? I have tried a few but they have an extremely low FPS (like Screen flow).
  7. It could be a picture of Wild Eagle, with the worn track and exposed frames.
  8. A quick run through paint, the dive loop looks bad but it turned out fairly well to give you an idea on what it will look like.
  9. So could YOLO's construction actually pick up now? I read somewhere that something something finial budget they had to wait for the end of the year to start building. So they might be starting soon.
  10. ^^Then you would end up with something like Baco, being extremely rough and unridable to some people. I actually think that the wing riders should be more of a "Wee Im flying through the air!" even if that means less forces than normal coasters to get that smooth flying feeling, Instead of the "riding a jackhammer in the middle of an earthquake" feeling that Baco has with its more intense forces. Don't get me wrong, my top 3 are Skyrush, Kumba, and Intimidator 305, so I *love love* forceful ejector-air rides and do find the newer B&M's forceless (Intimidator is at my home park ), its just not quite what a wingrider is meant to be.
  11. I was waiting for Cheetah hunt at BGT and heard a girl explain the launch to her friend as "Instead of the normal click click like on Montu, this one has 3 magnet strips that are sort of like the boosters in Mario cart." Then the other friend replies "So your saying this ride is like mario cart?" and she replied "Yah,pretty much."
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