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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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Leviathan-The first big airtime hill after the bunny hill had some insane sustained ejector air in the front.

Behemoth-The second drop and the return leg of camelbacks.

Thunderhead-there's some great air on that, and my favourite is the sustained floater after the fly by.

Phantom's Revenge-need I say more.

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El Toro gives roughly the same amount of airtime of all other wooden coasters in the US added together. Phoenix at Knoebels gets and honorable mention.


Skyrush gives an insane amount of airtime as well, definitely more than any other steelie I've ridden. Others that have decent airtime moments are Ride of Steel at Darien Lake, Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood, Magnum at CP, and Nitro at SFGAdv.

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Some of my favourite airtime moments arE:


Megafobia - Oakwood - About half way throguh there is a great small airtime hill

Hair Raiser - Ocean Park - The bunny hop half way through is pretty nice too


and dare I say it:


Dodonpa - Fuji Q - Maybe not enjoyable airtime but it is 100% mega ejector airtime!

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Of the coasters I've ridden: Blue Fire, Wild Train (Erlebnispark Strasswalchen), Gold Striker, S:UF (SFDK). I'll 'splain 'em for you.


Blue Fire: Cresting the MCBR in the front seat and the final inline twist as long as you sit on the right side. There, you seat is YANKED from under you forcefully, and you really feel like you're going to be ejected. The amazing trains and lap bars make that moment even better.


Wild Train: OK, this thing is just ridiculous. The only thing "family coaster" about this ride is its size. The rest...is just absolutely insane, it seems as though the PAX engineers were extremely drunk when they designed it. The result is a f**ked up layout with violent ejector air all over the place. It truly deserves the name "Wild Train" as it is a WILD ride, and easily the most insane "family coaster" I know of.


Gold Striker: My butt is out of the seat at least ten times on this ride. Not the most extreme airtime being a GCI, but it's packed all over the layout.


S:UF: Best steel coaster in Norcal IMO. Cresting the top in the front provides extreme ejector air, and the drop after the barrel roll in the back provides equally potent airtime. For some odd reason, the airtime is sustained through the vertical twists as well.

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My best moments of airtime:


Gold Striker - As said, it's not Intamin-airtime or long moments of airtime but this ride is packed with what I've counted up to 14 moments of varying degrees of airtime (depends on where you sit, I counted 14 in the last row). I didn't expect much to airtime to be had on a coaster that's based on a lot of steep banks and sharp turns...but GCI sure surprised me. In fact, I try to avoid keeping anything in my normal pockets riding this as they dig into my thighs (yes, it hurt) and/or get crushed. Instead, I put cargo pockets to use


Superman Ultimate Flight, SFDK - Ejector airtime in CA...'nuff said! Though only 3 moments (2 strong/ejector moments coming up to the highest point and coming back down, and a strange floater moment in the non inverting loop). Superman does not look like much and does not seem like it would give you any airtime but my first ride I was completely surprised (and baffled at how they pulled off what they did in this strange coaster).


Ghost Rider, Knott's - More focused on sustained airtime but the valleys and such give you a rather rough landing...reason why I hang on rather than keeping hands up.


Lastly, Xcelerator at Knott's - Only 1 moment of airtime but at 205 feet up...I felt myself nearly standing up coming down when I rode in the front seat. It was a nice, sustained moment of airtime too!


We can't forget the classics as well...Giant Dipper, when running faster/warmed up offers several moments of airtime. Maybe not as strong as Gold Striker but this was my go-to coaster when I was looking for airitme.

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Wolverine Wildcat at Michigan's Adventure had a lot of good airtime that I wasn't really expecting and it is now one of my top favorite wooden coasters.


Shivering Timbers at the same park had such insane ejector airtime that I got scared for the first time on a coaster since I was young. Now that's a coaster!

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After reliving it on the Texas/Midwest trip, Cyclops last row reminded me (and many others) that it has one of the single most crazy airtime moment.


Here is a picture of Shawn, Ross, Nick, and Matt enjoying a ride in the Cyclops' back car. I didn't even realize you guys were on it when I took it.


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