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  1. 2 has been discussed quite a bit. SFMM restricted the rocking/flipping which had the unintended consequence of inflicting uncomfortable forces on riders. Meanwhile the ones in Europe rotate more freely. i rode it before they put those huge weights on. unbalanced and was continually thrown into and back into the seat. head and body trauma. i'm guessing my friend and i got the worst ride you could get. the possibility of getting a ride half as bad as what i did kept me from every riding again. i still say that while i'm sure many enjoy it, the fact that there are only 4 total in the world says a lot about how parks felt about it if they thought about buying one. If I recall correctly, the weights were there from the beginning. The photo with the added guards is somewhat of a red herring as they were just guards and while added some weight, the main change lies with the ride settings. The ride has settings that manage the spin resistance, and the park cranked them up around a month after opening. It's very likely that the main reason they did it was actually to increase capacity (although this was still the park's fault entirely which I will get to). When the cars came into the station a certain way after substantial flipping, the ride ops had to call for maintenance to come "right" the cars as the mechanism would sometimes "right" them to the upside-down position. This would cause a shutdown of 10+ minutes every single time while they waited for mechanics to show up and simply walk over to the end of the track and manually right the cars. I rode this ride 36 times in one day (I know I'm crazy) back before they made the change, and I can say they probably called maintenance at least 5 separate times to come do the same exact thing, causing major downtime for something very simple that should have been able to be done by the ride ops. I'm not sure if this was due to the lack of training given to the standard ops, as I understand that the ride ops at Grona Lund and other Zac-spins handle this just fine. Either way the park blew it. I think it's very unfortunate as imo the intended ride experience was fantastic; I won't forget being put on with a large male and two tiny kids on the other side, and spinning ~13 times. With the same setup but post-changes, that might still equal 0 spins and a ton of pain. RIP Green Lantern.
  2. Thank you to Robb and everyone who helped put on the event! Knott's was a blast as usual but I was even more surprised about how awesome SFMM was to us. Getting private rides on Twisted Colossus with my younger bro was sweet. Operations were solid with short lines throughout the day. Crazanity is a lot of fun. Thanks to Neil for coming out to answer coaster enthusiast questions during lunch as well.
  3. Wow, those scenes look great! I just watched the show so I am excited for this. I probably wasn't going to go before but this is enough to make me want to visit this year.
  4. That is a question for the park, not me. We do not make the determination on what types of "admission" the park will accept when you buy a "Season passholder" ticket, so I would suggest calling their guest relations and asking them. Thank you. Called the park and was they will be accepting 2018 passes only if anyone is wondering. See you all there!
  5. Knott's recently started selling 2019 passes that come with a 2018 admission. Would that be valid for the season pass price or should I purchase a non-passholder ticket? Either way I'll see you all at WCB this year!
  6. Looks like a good addition to the park. Not every addition has to be the new biggest thing and like Robb said thats *okay*. I'll be looking forward to riding this when it opens up.
  7. Interesting. I wonder what that means for the AMC in Hollywood.... Hopefully nothing... If that moves to Cinemark as well they'll lose their IMAX theater as Cinemark doesn't pay for IMAX and will replace it with XD.
  8. I don't see it as a the city voiding an agreement legally made, because they're not voiding anything, and correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I've read, the city basically said that if they want to build their hotel with their tax break, they are free to do so at the location they initially applied for/agreed on. Additionally, the city is not allowing them to change the address. Again the point being Disney wants to change the existing deal which the city doesn't want to do, not the city voiding the current one. My guess is they'll come to sort of middle ground and get the project done on time.
  9. Looks great!!! Really excited to ride this. I'm a little surprised though that I haven't really seen much of a marketing push for it. This is just anecdotal, but my family in the OC hadn't even heard of this yet. I recall a big push when Silver Bullet came out (commercials all over, etc).
  10. My understanding is that the "ninja stars" are actually just to prevent loose articles from getting in there, and the ride actually has adjustable settings on the spin resistance which the park turned up. Unfortunately yes, Six Flags butchered the ride. It was good when it first opened. However the major issue that led to them making changes is that often times the cars would return to the station in a way where they had to be manually righted, and with their rules that had to be done by a mechanic. So, every single time that happened, they would have to make a call and wait for a mechanic to come over. Definitely a bummer the ride is pretty lame as it sits now.
  11. Six Flags actually puts in a lot of effort for Holiday in the Park and they deserve credit. Well done!
  12. Great trip report and I enjoyed meeting you and visiting Disney Paris with another first-timer as well!
  13. I really enjoyed this, but it's probably time for a change! Glad I'll get to see T2:3D one more time time before it closes.
  14. Such a sad accident. That is my favorite fair ride and I just went on one last weekend. R.I.P. to the deceased and hopefully they take measures so that something like this never happens again.
  15. Why? I mean they have two "mine trains" in the same park! Are you really complaining about another potential awesome coaster in Magic Kingdom!?!?!? #dumb Seeing as Tron is one of the most awesome coasters Disney has ever made, anyone who complains about it replacing small go-karts shouldn't be allowed to ride it...
  16. I got to ride the new Guardians ride last night, here's my experience and thoughts: We got in line right before closing with the line posted at 105 minutes, but it took probably 30-40 minutes less than that to get on, probably because there weren't any more fastpasses being accepted after 10pm. The queue is really awesome! There's tons of Marvel and Disney easter eggs, so many that it might take a few trips through to see everything. Unfortunately the Rocket animatronic wasn't working and so we did not get to see it. A little disappointing because I'd heard good things, but downtime comes with the territory of visiting new rides shortly after opening. Overall the queue is better than what it replaced. Now the ride itself. It seems longer than ToT with a lot more movement which made for a very fun ride. The visuals were totally awesome. However, something was up with the audio, and no one could hear much of anything on the ride. So my verdict? I'd say overall, the ride is fun but falls a little short of ToT. However, my opinion may change once I've had the opportunity to ride the 5 other profiles, as that is definitely one of the most exciting additions to the ride. If I had to give ratings, I'd give WDW Tower an A+, DCA Tower a B, and Guardians Tower as I experienced it (with some issues) a C, with the potential to be a B+. Looking forward to riding again soon!
  17. If you're in Disneyland and it's time to get a new fastpass, you don't have to walk all the way to DCA (or vice-versa) to get one at the other park. You can get a Space Mountain fastpass from California Screamin', for example. I personally won't use the system unless it's pretty cheap for AP holders (I doubt it), but I see how it would definitely be worth it for those on vacation.
  18. I for one am happy that Midway Mania has FP now. I haven't been on the ride in 6 years because I don't feel it worth waiting 45-60+ minutes to ride. So I am excited to grab a FP for it. However, I am not in support of the rumor that Pirates will be getting FP. Obviously the wait time for Haunted Mansion goes up quite a bit on days they use FP. It's one thing to add FP to a ride that has long wait times as-is (such as Midway Mania), but I don't think it's good to add it to rides that are already people-eaters. Having FP for Pirates will further cramp the walkways as it does for Mansion.
  19. I assumed that, I was just surprised/curious that it was visible to the whole park. Seems like a situation where they'd want to put the scrim back up right away. On another note, the park was slammed on Saturday. There were so many people in line for Indy fastpasses that CMs were outside just handing people passes, no need to give them your ticket. I will say that the 50th anniversary fireworks that they brought back were absolutely PHENOMENAL, especially with them utilizing the Diamond Celebration projectors to put the rides on the castle. I'd probably rank the show better than Disneyland Forever since they have the projection now that they didn't have a decade ago. If you're at the park, it's a cant-miss.
  20. I took this picture on Saturday. I'm not sure if a scrim fell down from the rain or this was intentional, but the visible piece of the tower just doesn't seem "finished" or fully look like the concept art.
  21. Anyone have thoughts on the rumor that as of Sunday monthly payments for passes will no longer available (along with a possible small price reduction in at least the higher passes)? I think it's the only way to help with crowds, although a lot of people are going to be pissed off.
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