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Which Coaster Gives The Best AIRTIME???

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I would have to say El Toro is number one. It still remains the only reason why I would go back to SFGADV.

As far as steel coasters, Diamondback #1 for overall airtime. Some coasters, like maverick may have certain instances of great airtime but Diamondback is nothing but air. Better than Nitro for sure and just edges out Goliath at SFOG. IMHO

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For me, nothing has as much airtime as Coaster @ PNE Playland.




Honorable mentions go to Jackrabbit, Phantoms Revenge, Comet @ Great Escape, Magnum XL 200, and Phoinex.

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Best moments of airtime I can think of (in no particular order):


Back row of the double down on Jack Rabbit.


The 2nd hill on the final run of bunny hills in the ejector seat of Magnum.


The Rolling Thunder hill on El Toro, doesn't matter where you sit.


Pick your moment on Voyage, but the hill just after the triple down after you leave the tunnel is insane!


Maverick's first airtime hill.


Back row of Apollo on the first drop and the final ravine drop.


Back row on MF's first drop.


Back row on 305's first drop.


Back row on Rampage's first drop.

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Knoebels Phoenix!


With no seat beats, a very generous lapbar, and all those dips...wow!


Ride in the 3rd seat back for the best airtime!!

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Jack Rabbit at Kennywood is a good answer.


But I would have to say without a doubt, the best and most intense moment of airtime i've ever experienced was on Intimidator 305 on opening day in the back row. first drop. it flew over that initial apex faster than millenium force, totally throwing you up out of your seat before plunging you 300 feet (almost) straight down.

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I haven't had alot of coasters to my belt with some insane airtime, but Phantom's Revenge was one, Jack Rabbit in the backseat (my first encounter with standing air), Gemini has standing air on the pullover in the last car last seat, and you hear so much crap about Villain, but I had some oh crap air on there too...

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My experiences are kinda limited compared to some of my friends on here. As far as the coasters that I've had an opportunity to ride, I'd have to say that Boulder Dash @ Lake Compounce gave the best "wood air" since GCI re-profiled the ride. Thunderhead at Dollywood comes close. If El Toro was a TRUE Wood, it would probably be her, but I feel like I'm doing my personal romance with woodies a disservice by including El in much of any analysis.


Up through this last weekend, I was sold on the idea that, out of the ones that I've experienced, Goliath at SFOG gave the best air. NOW... I have to say that I have a total love affair with Intimidator at Carowinds. I thought that during East Coast 2008 that Nitro would have really have impressed me more than it did, but I'm glad that I didn't end up having to choose between three.

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The best airtime i've ever experienced is probably on Nitro at SFGAdv, especially on the hill after the hammerhead. As for wood, i'm going to be in an obscure minority here and say The Wild One at SFA has most enjoyable airtime. The hill after the first drop and the double up/double down has some intense "out-of-your-seat" action. Phoenix at Knoebels ties for me since it has some crazy pop-up moments, plus the fact it's just a buzzbar makes it better.

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Best Wooden Coasters for Airtime

1) Phoenix

2) Boulder Dash

3) Wildcat (Hersheypark PTC Trains)

4) Comet (The Great Escape)

5) Yankee Cannonball


Best Moments of Airtime on Wooden Coasters

Phoenix's final bunny hills

Drop into second turnaround on Hershey's Wildcat

Twister's (Knoebels) Turnaround

Cyclone (SFNE) First Drop in the Back

Excalibur's First Drop


Best Steel Coasters for Airtime

1) Behemoth

2) Apollo's Chariot

3) Bizarro (SFNE)

4) Ride of Steel

5) Steel Force


Best Moments of Airtime on Steel Coasters

Behemoth's First Drop

Apollo's Chariot's Drop Off the Brake Run

Bizarro's 3rd and 4th Hills

Ride of Steel's 3rd Hill

Revenge of the Mummy's (Orlando) Hill Following the 1st Launch

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I'm gonna repost in a more organized fashion:


Best moments of airtime:

-Maverick's first airtime hill

-Fahrenheit's airtime hill

-El Toro's airtime hill over Rolling Thunder

-Bizarro's 4th hill in the front and back rows

-Cyclone's (SFNE) first drop in the last car


Best coasters with airtime:

-Boulder Dash


-El Toro

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