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  1. We lived in Thailand for 3.5 years from '09-'12, only about 30 minutes from both Dreamland and Siam Park City. Both parks are pretty good. Dreamland is more aimed at kids, but does have some good rides and attractions. We went there several time and really enjoyed it. Admission is VERY cheap, as is the food. They have a KFC on site, as well as other restaurants, and many Thai style food stands where are pretty good and very inexpensive. We had a season pass for Siam Park City the first year we were there, they have a few more bigger rides and a water park. I've seen a few reports on TPR for both places, maybe not too much on Dreamland but I rememeber reading some TRs. I also visited three other parks in Thailand, one in a mall, small but not too bad. The other is in Pattaya, and the last was Wonder Wheel park, or something like that, which we really enjoyed but closed after the floods in Thailand in '11. If anyone has any questions about Thailand amusement parks please let me know! Regards, Ted
  2. Is it actually open for everyone now, or is this a soft opening only? We will be there in about 10 days, so hoping it is open.
  3. I hope it is open soon, we're visiting in about two weeks! I'm excited to re-visit my #1 park! Ted
  4. It looks amazing! We're headed there in June, can't wait to ride. Totally love Phantasialand, went last summer and had a great time. ... too bad they're closing the Mexican section, I sorta liked that mine ride. Ted
  5. I lived in Thailand from '08 - '12, we went there several times and had a season pass one year! We liked the park, but it does have its warts. Overall a pretty good day and they've made some improvements. They were building the zierer coaster when we left so didn't get to ride it. Here are my highlights, and some lowlignts: highlights - Dark walk through is VERY good, really enjoyed it, scary and very well done. I was hoping to get some good photos and write something for DAFE, but didn't get around to it. - Vekoma SLC is one of the best, probably my 2nd favorite after the big custom one at Flamingoland in the UK. Last season tried to ride the big one, Jubliee Odyssey but was closed both times during our visit. Of the more standard models this one at Siam Park - City is the best. - I didn't think the Boomerang was all that bad, standard one, a bit rough but similar to others. It also had a screen over much of it for shade! - Flume ride is EXCELLENT! Really a wonderful long ride. Reminded me of the now defunct Skull Island at Six Flags America when ti went backwards. - They have some very good flat rides, really enjoyed some of them, kids really loved them. The tagada ride was pretty evil when we went in '09 and '10. It actually hurt my back because it bounced so much! My wife and daughter ended up off the seat too... - The Dinosaur ride, Jungle Cruise type ride, and train ride are pretty cheesy. They're sort of fun, but very cheesy. Dinotopia was also a littel odd, not that great. - Water park is decent but nothing special, a bit rough around the edges. -Food! We had some great food there and it's very cheap by our standards. We had fried chicken over at a place near the drop tower I think. It was amazingly good and cheap! Next visit we ate at big restaurant up near entrance. It was very good as well.... - Monkey Island! Over near the SLC they had a "Monkey Island", was very cool...but runddown. There's lots of monkeys and a few other animals there, taken care by an old guy that I think pretty much lives there. I was pretty cool, but a bit depressing. It is kinda typical Thailand and Southeast Asia in that respect... Low-lights... - Some of the park is a bit rundown, but overall ok. - The water park is a bit rundown but they're improving. The Wave Pool has really small waves.... - Some people mighe consider the little Market like stands all around a minus, we sort of like them...Normal if you're used to Thailand but probably a negative to foreign visitors - The Shuttle loop is just sitting there! I was always hoping it would open, never seen one like it.... I should also mention Dream World, the other major Bangkok Theme park. It is more disney like, the rollercoasters aren't as big but overall a good park. They had a good rapids ride, a good suspended coaster and an indoor coaster called "SPace Mountain"! Plenty of other normal things therer, with some ok theming. It probably is more popular than Siam Park City. There used to be another park but it closed after the floods in '11. I think it was called Wonder Wheel park?, I did get there and ride the very cool two coasters they had. It would be cool if it re-opened. Any questions about those parks, or the Zoos, or Safari World, or other Thai parks then let me know.... Regards, Ted
  6. I think they should build a terrain steel coaster on the side of the hill where the chairlift is located. Think about it, if they got with intamin or another similar manufacturer, they could build a terrain steel coaster ala Boulderdash, but with extreme steel drops and turns through the woods. Sorta a Skyrush on the side of a mountain. By using terrain and never going above the ground too much except for maybe 100 ft to add to a big drop, they could probably do it fairly cheaply. Probably 1/2 the price, it not a greater discount the the current price for a hyper coaster. Problem is a lot of expense would be spent on engineering/footer/placement on the side of a big hill. I can dream? Ted
  7. Don't feel bad, we all started out with only a few! I remember back, long ago, in the early nineties when I only had like 40 coasters. I ride off and on, some years a lot, some years not much. I MUCH older now but I've got about 125 wood coasters and 620 overall, it is a fun hobby. However there are plenty of people out there who have 800, 1000, and even many over 1500!! Just ride for fun, and enjoy your self, doesn't matter how many coaster you've ridden. Your vote sill counts on Mitch's poll!
  8. He must not, since my ballot always gets counted. Yes, I am one of those seemingly rare Voyage fans (2010-era). The layout takes the out-and-back concept to a new and innovative level with all its unusual twists and elements. I personally thought the initial, straightforward airtime hills were a highlight, but like (a much more brutal) El Toro, Voyage doesn't let up until the very end. I wouldn't say "rare" is the right word! Outside of TPR, Voyage clearly seems to be the #1 coaster. For some reason, most of TPR seems to go against the rest of the coaster community when it comes to Voyage. Of course, TPR is so huge, that posters from TPR can easily heavily raise their favorite coasters to the top of the poll. It is always interesting to see what coasters go up and down the poll each year. For me this year's huge surprise was Wodan Timbur Coaster at Europa, it was simiply incredible, easily a top 10 coaster and much better then I had expected. I would say the real disappointments the last year or two were the new Mammut (new to me), very tame, and less recently would be Wildcat at Hersheypark which has dropped steadily on my list over the last 10 years. Gone is the airtime that it once had, and it has no redeeming steep drops to make up for more gentle hills. Still, a few good moments but nothing like it was in the beginning. I got some pretty good rides on Great White in NJ though, but that was in '12. Also, Grand National at Blackpool was wicked, in a good way, this past September! Ted
  9. Here are my current top 45 wood coasters, don't want to waste space with all 120 or so. Also, some of these won't be on the poll because they are gone.... Some I haven't ridden in 5-10 years, but I do have quite a few new credits in the UK and Europe this year! 1 The Voyage 2 Ravine Flyer II 3 Shivering Timbers 4 Boulderdash 5 Tonnere de Zeus 6 Hades 7 Fireball 8 Wodan Timbur Coaster 9 Thunderhead 10 Ghostrider Favorite Steel Ex. GeForce 11 Colossos (Heide Park) 12 El Toro 13 Legend 14 Rampage 15 Troy 16 Hellcat (Avalanche in Wisconsin) 17 Georgia Cyclone 18 Comet (GE) 19 Raven 20 Phoenix 21 Joris en de Draak: Vuur 22 Joris en de Draak: Water 23 Grand National 24 El Toro (Freizeitpark Plohn) 25 Texas Giant (old) 26 Villain 27 The Boss 28 Hell Cat (Tsunami) 29 Screechin’ Eagle 30 Kentucky Rumbler 31 Cornball Express 32 Big Dipper (Blackpool) 33 Twister (Knoebels) 34 Cyclone (Coney Island) 35 Cheetah 36 Cyclone (Riverside) 37 Excalibur 38 Lightning Racer 39 Wild One 40 La Montana Rusa 41 Viper (SFGAm) 42 Thunderbolt (Kw) 43 Zeus 44 Screamin’ Eagle 45 Big Dipper (GL)
  10. I always liked KK and SFKK. Went on numerous occasions from mid -90's until about 2005 or so. I always had a good time, never hit a really busy day, and enjoyed the coasters and rides they had. I had some very good rides on Thunder Run, off and on, and I really liked Twisted Twins too! Of course Chang was great, and later the Wild Mouse and Greased Lightinin' were cool. I rode quite a few other rides there as well, took my daughter there when she was younger and we had a great day. I would love to see them re-open and get all the exsisting rides back up and running, and look forward to any new additions! Ted
  11. Ditto, the park was great! We loved the Hex thing in the castle, was absolutely brilliantly executed! We walked through the gardens, did some smaller rides for my kids. The log flume was very long and fun! Overall a truly great day at a wonderful theme park. Can't wait to get back and ride the Smiler and a few other things we missed.
  12. Finally made our first trip to Alton Towers last Monday, after hearing so much about the park for about 20 years now! I really liked the park, but the coasters were all a bit underwhelming, yes, even Nemesis. I've heard so much about Nemesis since it opened, how great of an inverted it is, and despite it's size and age how it still tops many enthusiasts inverted coaster list and it in many top ten lists. I thought Nemesis was good, really had no idea where I was going,but really honestly felt no better or more intense then most of my favorite B&M inverteds. It is short, like Batman, with no really good drop. It is all about the trenches and theming. A really fun ride, but not even near my top ten steel coasters. I think that OzIris at Parc Asterix last month was clearly better. I think the two coasters I came way really liking were Air and Sonic Pinball! Air was a really fun flying coaster with all the close to ground elements. Not super thrilling, but very well done package and a truly fun coaster. Sonic Spinball was the big surprise. I think I've only been on two of that type of spinning mouse, made by Maurer - Sohne. It was really fun and seriously intense. The G forces in the helix were extreme, was a very long ride with some great twists and turns. Easily the best mouse type coaster I've ever ridden! The park is nice, and seriously large with lots of walking. Had a great time, will be since we have Merlin Annual Passes. Didn't get everything in for the kids, will return and hit everything else later this summer. We only live about 115 miles away so can't wait to head down for a quick day trip! Also, the Smiler was closed which was a big disappointment since originally we thought it would be open. It does look quite cool though, can't wait to ride it! Ted
  13. Din Tae Fung is awesome! One opened in Bangkok a couple of years ago. It is awesome. The NY times has rated it as one of the top ten restaurants in the entire world, no joke! We though Universal Singapore was a great park...
  14. Ok, after reading about half of this entire thread.....couldn't get through the entire thing with all the nastiness in here, I was a bit shocked at how Starjet at Casino Pier is being dismissed. I've always considered it one of the best smaller coasters I've ever ridden, as did many other enthusiasts I know on the east coast! It was a REALLY fun ride with some good air time, far better than just about every other 40-50 foot coaster I've ridden. I'm a bit shocked at how people are just like...they're rebuild, no big loss..etc. Casino Pier is (was?) a great pier! Both the Star Jet and Miler mouse coaster there were really quite fun, as was the dark ride and some of the flats. We loved going there, been there several times had a blast in Seaside every time. Also enjoyed visiting Funtown Pier, while IMHO not as good as Casino Pier still a fun seaside pier. I'm truly going to miss the coasters and the piers, they will never be the same again no matter what gets rebuilt, or doesn't get rebuilt. I would think that just about ANY catastrophe to any park would be lamented by park and coaster enthusiasts. I guess I'm wrong on that, but I personally can't think of one park that has closed that I had visited, that I didn't wish was still there!
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